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Dairy Manure and Methane Recovery

For most of us, 2020 can’t be over soon enough. Yet, in the digester development world, each day from today through 2024 is precious time to identify facilities, procure funding, and install digesters. Why? To capture methane and use it as valuable renewable compressed natural gas (RCNG) and meet ambitious manure methane reduction targets. How is the California digester portfolio doing? Since …

Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter Numbers Threaten Resurgence of Pierce’s Disease in SJV Grapes

When it comes to Pierce’s Disease and Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter, it’s critical for growers to pay attention to both the disease and the vector.  Although collaborative efforts within the grape industry have kept disease levels down in recent years, population levels of the Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter have been elevating in the San Joaquin Valley. Watch this brief interview with UC Cooperative Extension …

How to Prevent Grape Bunch Rot

At Malcolm Media’s recent Grape, Nut & Tree Fruit Expo, UCCE Viticulture Advisor Gabriel Torres provided an in-depth presentation on sour rot prevention and management. If you missed his presentation or would like a refresher, watch this brief interview as Gabriel provides of some key points growers should consider in season-long prevention/management of this crop spoiling complex. Please thank this …

UC ANR Study Outlines Costs & Returns of Producing Lemons in Southern CA

A new study on the costs and returns of establishing and producing lemons in Ventura County has been released by UC Cooperative Extension in Southern California and UC Agricultural Issues Center, both part of UC Agriculture and Natural Resources. “Coastal agriculture is always in transition and as strawberries and vegetables become less profitable due to markets and labor availability, lemons …

Protecting your Almonds from Ant Damage

Almonds sat on the ground to dry a little longer this season due to the abnormal drop in temperatures and increase in humidity at harvest. This provided a longer window of opportunity for ants to feast on the valuable product.  Regardless of what the future brings, there will always be ants in the orchard and now would be a good …

Fall Microirrigation System Maintenance

California Avocado Commission — Microirrigation systems (microsprinklers, drip emitters and drip tape) tend to provide better distribution/emission uniformity than other irrigation methods. However, the miniscule flow passages in these systems can become clogged and thus disrupt the uniformity of water applied to a crop. Late fall and winter are an ideal time to review irrigation systems for needed repairs or …

How to Design a New Pistachio Orchard

Considering planting a new pistachio orchard? What is the ideal row/tree spacing? How many male pollenizer trees will you need? Should you plant on berms or not? These are just a few of the questions addressed by UC Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor Craig Kallsen in this video.  Watch his brief interview and read more about growing pistachios in Pacific Nut …

Progress on Navel Orangeworm Sterile Insect Technique Research

Most tree nut growers have heard about the sterile insect technique research underway to combat Navel Orangeworm, the number one pest threat to almond and pistachio growers.  But what is the progress on this program and how soon can we expect to see these sterile insects released on a large scale to support California growers?  Watch this brief interview with …

A New Effective Way to Control Mealybugs in the Vineyard

Got vine mealybug in the vineyard? Consider mating disruption in your IPM program.  Watch this brief interview with Kent Daane from the UC Cooperative Extension as he shares how it works and how effective their research trials have been throughout the state in utilizing this technology.  Read more about vineyard pest management in American Vineyard Magazine.

Three Ways to Prevent Almond Hull Rot

As almond growers in California prepare for hull split, almond hull rot is often a problem on their minds during this time. As UC Cooperative Extension Orchard Systems Farm Advisor Franz Niederholzer says, prevention is key.  Watch this brief interview with Franz as he shares three tips on avoiding this costly issue in the orchard, and read more about it in …

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