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New Tool Calculates Crop Rotation Costs, Benefits for California Rice Growers

Due to severe water shortages, rice acres planted in California plummeted by 37% from 2021 to 2022, according to numbers released recently by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. But now, thanks to University of California researchers, growers have a new tool they could potentially use to cope with droughts and other environmental and socioeconomic changes. A …

Citrus Mealybug Field Day, May 5

To teach PCAs about citrus mealybug (an emerging concern for citrus growers) this field day will focus on lectures on pest identification and biology, scouting/monitoring, and management, lecture on ant control.  With this knowledge, PCAs can monitor the fields for mealybug infestation and develop informed management strategies.  Attendees will receive instruction from Sandipa Gautam and David Haviland from the UC …

Applying Herbicides Safely to Keep Residue Off of Harvested Almonds

While there has been research and work underway to move the almond industry to off-ground harvesting such as is done in pistachios, harvested almonds currently spend just enough time in the dust of orchard floors that they can pick up trace residues of herbicides.  Watch this brief interview with UC Cooperative Extension Weed Specialist Brad Hanson as he shares how …

New Beginnings for Hansen Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Camarillo

In December 2022, the University of California (UC) acquired a 114-acre farm property on the west side of Camarillo to become the new home of the Hansen Agricultural Research and Extension Center (HAREC), supported by an endowment bequeathed to the University of California by Saticoy farmer Thelma Hansen. The mission of the Thelma Hansen Fund is to support and maintain …

How Late is Too Late for Winter NOW Orchard Sanitation?

The removal of nuts remaining on almond trees from the prior year’s crop is an important winter sanitation practice for the management of navel orangeworm (NOW), Amyelois transitella. Residual nuts are called ‘mummies’ and the process of removing the mummies is referred to as a ‘mummy shake’ because they are mechanically shaken from trees. This practice is conducted during the dormant …

A More Effective Way to Win the Battle Against Vine Mealybug

Vine mealybug has never been more widespread across the grape growing regions of California than it is now.  Watch this video interview with Nathan Mercer from the Kent Daane Lab at UC Berkeley, who shares a more effective and collaborative way to control this pest in vineyards.  Read more about vineyard pest management in American Vineyard Magazine. Please thank this …

New North Coast Viticulture Advisor to Help Growers Adapt to Warmer, Drier Conditions in CA

As California wine grape growers continue dealing with warmer, drier conditions, new UCCE North Coast Integrated Vineyard Systems Advisor Christopher Chen suggests growers think outside the box when planning for the vineyard of the future. Watch his interview and read more about improving grape growing practices in American Vineyard Magazine. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

Best Practices for Keeping Herbicide Residue off Your Grapes

As grape growers strive to continue minimizing herbicide drift and residue on their vines/fruit, watch this brief video with Emeritus UCCE Weed Science Advisor John Roncoroni on best practices that can also save money on spray applications. Read more about it in American Vineyard Magazine. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

Fumigation Considerations Before Replanting an Orchard

It’s that time of the year when orchards are being pulled and growers begin preparing their soil for future plans.  For growers looking to replant their orchards, watch this brief interview with UC Riverside Nematologist Andreas Westphal as he shares some considerations to take for fumigation when it comes to nematode pressure. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

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