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Vineyards Serve as Ideal Groundwater Recharging Sites

As Californians are concerned about heading into another drought, grape growers may be able to assist in replenishing our depleting groundwater supplies during these stormy months.  Watch this brief interview with William Horwath from UC Davis and read more about it in American Vineyard Magazine.   Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

UC Davis Launches $3 Million Project to Improve Farmworker COVID Safety

California’s 800,000 farmworkers have been hit hard by COVID-19, the disease that has infected more than 25 million people and killed more than 420,000 in the United States. Farmworkers are especially vulnerable to the airborne virus that causes COVID-19 because they often live, work and carpool in close quarters with other people. As essential employees, farmworkers have stayed on the …

New Walnut Variety to Allow Earlier Harvest

University of California, Davis, researchers have bred a new walnut variety designed to provide growers a way to harvest earlier and boost the harvest efficiency of California’s $1.6 billion walnut industry. The new “UC Wolfskill” walnut has yield, quality and light color similar to Chandler, which is a late-harvesting walnut and the state’s leading variety. UC Wolfskill was bred in 2003 …

Director of the UC Kearney Research & Extension Center Retires

UC Cooperative Extension specialist Jeff Dahlberg, also the director of the UC Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center (KARE) in Parlier, invoked his 35 years of sorghum expertise to increasing interest in growing the crop in California and to better understanding plants’ ability to tolerate drought. Dahlberg retires Jan. 8. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger in the early …

Almond Ganoderma Butt Rot Spore Survey

Ganoderma butt rot has been an increasing problem in the almond industry. The disease has been responsible for trees falling over all throughout the Central Valley. Ganoderma butt rot is caused by wood decay fungi that can spread via spores in the air. In order to better focus our management efforts, researchers must conduct a spore survey that will help us determine the …

Grazing & Riparian Restoration Are Compatible When You Put in the Work

With a little time and effort, rangeland managers can have a dramatic impact on the resilience of California’s riparian areas, which are important to the state’s human, environmental and economic well-being. Rangeland ecologists at the University of California, Davis, found that when ranchers invest even one week a year in practices that keep cows away from creeks — like herding, …

CA Dairy Organizations Host 900+ in Successful Virtual Summit

Dairy Cares — California’s dairy farmers are leading change and making significant progress in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and advancing planet-smart, sustainable farming practices. Ongoing partnerships remain critical to this progress. On November 5-6, the virtual California Dairy Sustainability Summit welcomed 900+ registrants, with more than 600 tuning in live throughout the two-day online event. The virtual summit hosted …

Assessing the Costs & Benefits of Winter Cover Cropping in CA

Winter cover cropping is a promising agricultural management practice that boosts soil health. This article discusses a benefit-cost analysis of winter cover crop adoption and introduces a web-based interactive calculator for farmers to assess changes to baseline farm profits. Winter cover cropping is an agricultural management practice that can enhance soil health while protecting fields from soil erosion and compaction. Cover crops are typically …

Grower Survey to Address Future Innovations in Weed Management

Weeds can be a significant problem in berries, tree fruits, tree nuts, and vine crops (e.g. grapes, hops, etc.) especially after transplanting and during flowering and fruit and nut set. Herbicides are a primary tool for managing weeds, even though the evolution of herbicide resistance has limited the utility of many products and off-target movement can sometimes result in damage …

UC ANR Study Outlines Costs & Returns of Producing Lemons in Southern CA

A new study on the costs and returns of establishing and producing lemons in Ventura County has been released by UC Cooperative Extension in Southern California and UC Agricultural Issues Center, both part of UC Agriculture and Natural Resources. “Coastal agriculture is always in transition and as strawberries and vegetables become less profitable due to markets and labor availability, lemons …

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