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New Research Demystifies Evolution of Defense Mechanisms in Plants

Immobile organisms, plants have needed to evolve ingenious and highly specific defenses to threats, such as predators. These defenses come in the form of chemicals known as specialized metabolites and are responsible for the plant kingdom’s rich source of drugs, poisons, and dyes. The factors that influence the development of these metabolites have historically not been well understood in their …

Whole Orchard Recycling Benefits and Incentives

Almond Board of California — Exciting research shows that conducting Whole Orchard Recycling (WOR) in almonds can increase crop yields in subsequent orchards, provide long-term benefits to soil health (such as improved water retention and nutrient levels) and increase carbon sequestration.Conducted by researchers from the University of California (UC) Davis and UC Agricultural and Natural Resources, with funding in part by …

Dan Flynn Receives the 2020 California Olive Oil Council Pioneer Award

The 2020 recipient of the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) Pioneer Award has made a lasting impact on the California olive oil industry. Dan Flynn started the UC Davis Olive Center 13 years ago where he serves as the executive director with just $50,000 from university and industry supporters, and grew it into a world-renowned center for olive research and education. …

Wine-Grape Residue May Serve as a Healthy Byproduct

California produces nearly 4 million tons of world-class wine each year, but with that comes thousands of tons of residue like grape skins, seeds, stems and pulp. What if scientists could harness that viticultural waste to help promote human health? Maybe they can, according to new research from food scientists at the University of California, Davis. In a study published …

Meatpacking Plants Increased COVID-19 Cases in US Counties

An estimated 334,000 COVID-19 cases are attributable to meatpacking plants, resulting in $11.2 billion in economic damage, according to a new study led by a researcher at the University of California, Davis. The study was published in the journal Food Policy. It found that beef- and pork-processing plants more than doubled per capita infection rates in counties that had them. …

Feeding Cattle Seaweed Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions 82 Percent

A bit of seaweed in cattle feed could reduce methane emissions from beef cattle as much as 82 percent, according to new findings from researchers at the University of California, Davis. The results, published today (March 17) in the journal PLOS ONE, could pave the way for the sustainable production of livestock throughout the world. “We now have sound evidence …

Will California Remain Leader in U.S. Ag Production?

A new book shows how California has led the nation in farm sales since 1948 and explores future challenges “California Agriculture: Dimensions and Issues” by the Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics details the past, present and future of many of California’s major agricultural commodities, including grapes, tree fruits and nuts, vegetable crops, dairy, livestock, nursery and floral production, and cannabis. …

UC Partners with Gotham Greens to Advance Indoor Ag

Gotham Greens, a pioneer in indoor agriculture operating high-tech greenhouses across the United States, is placing its latest state-of-the-art greenhouse near UC Davis. “We are building a Controlled Environment Agriculture Consortium to support and advance the indoor farming industry, grow more fresh produce on less land and create new jobs for Californians,” said Gabriel Youtsey, UC ANR chief innovation officer. …

Vineyards Serve as Ideal Groundwater Recharging Sites

As Californians are concerned about heading into another drought, grape growers may be able to assist in replenishing our depleting groundwater supplies during these stormy months.  Watch this brief interview with William Horwath from UC Davis and read more about it in American Vineyard Magazine.   Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

UC Davis Launches $3 Million Project to Improve Farmworker COVID Safety

California’s 800,000 farmworkers have been hit hard by COVID-19, the disease that has infected more than 25 million people and killed more than 420,000 in the United States. Farmworkers are especially vulnerable to the airborne virus that causes COVID-19 because they often live, work and carpool in close quarters with other people. As essential employees, farmworkers have stayed on the …

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