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Almond Board Launches New Website to Help Growers Coordinate NOW Mating Disruption Efforts

In effort to improve area-wide management of navel orangeworm, the number one pest of the California tree nut industry, the Almond Board of California has launched a new website to help growers and PCAs coordinate/collaborate on mating disruption efforts. Funded by a grant from the California DPR, the Almond Board has created this new online tool with support from Land …

Applying Herbicides Safely to Keep Residue Off of Harvested Almonds

Description: While there has been research and work underway to move the almond industry to off-ground harvesting such as is done in pistachios, harvested almonds currently spend just enough time in the dust of orchard floors that they can pick up trace residues of herbicides.  Watch this brief interview with UC Cooperative Extension Weed Specialist Brad Hanson as he shares …

Relief Programs Now Available to Walnut Growers

In this video, Joshua Rahm from the California Walnut Commission shares details on some new and upcoming government programs to aid walnut growers amidst these difficult times — some of which growers can act on now.  So watch this video now and read more about it in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

What to Expect at the American Pistachio Conference

In this video, American Pistachio Growers President Richard Matoian not only provides details on the latest pistachio shipment trends, but he also shares what growers can expect in attending what will likely be the largest American Pistachio Conference yet, coming up Feb. 27 – Mar. 1. Stay in the know and watch now! Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry …

Tightening CA Soil Fumigation Regulations Require Grower Attention

Are you considering fumigating your soil soon? California regulations are changing and there are some things growers should know about, and consider getting involved in the conversation. Watch this brief interview with Gabriele Ludwig from the Almond Board of California for more information. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

Year-Round Effort Required to Defeat Navel Orangeworm in Tree Nuts

Although almond trees are at rest and dormant for the winter, growers were reminded at the recent Tree & Vine Expo that their work isn’t finished regarding the fight against Navel Orangeworm.  Watch this brief interview with David Haviland from the UC Cooperative Extension, as he shares year-round tools and practices to stay on top of managing the number one …

Almond Board Drives Global Demand for CA Almonds with New Focus

Meeting with the Chair of the Almond Board of California, watch this brief interview with Alexi Rodriguez as she shares what they are doing to grow the worldwide demand for California almonds. Read more about it in the December issue of Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

Almond Board Progress in Overcoming Global Trade Barriers

The California almond industry relies heavily on the export market, and navigating logistical challenges and trade barriers has become quite complicated in recent years.  Watch this brief interview with Julie Adams from the Almond Board of California as she shares their role and progress in keeping the exports flowing. Read more about it in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. Please thank …

What the Coming Farm Bill Could Mean for Specialty Crop Agriculture

As specialty crops become a bigger topic of conversation in the development of a new US Farm Bill, California growers could potentially receive more national support than ever before.  Watch this brief interview with Sara Arsenault, new Vice President of the Almond Alliance of California as she explains — based on her presentation at the recent Tree & Vine Expo. …

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