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Considering the Livestock Risk Protection Program for Your Dairy

As dairy producers increase their investment in beef to diversify their income amidst lower milk prices, they may want to consider protecting their investment with the USDA’s Livestock Risk Protection program.  Watch this brief interview with Matt Wolf from Ever.Ag, as he explains why. Please thank this video’s sponsor afimilk for their industry support.

Exploring Options for Safe Use and Reduction of Nitrates on Dairies

As California dairy producers actively work to provide environmental solutions and a sustainable future for their successors, reducing nitrate contamination in the groundwater supply is a top priority.  Watch this brief interview with Paul Sousa from Western United Dairies as he shares some options, considerations, and funding opportunities. Please thank this video’s sponsor afimilk for their industry support.

LandFlex Succeeds as an Incentivizing Farmer-Driven Solution for SGMA Compliance

Permanently retiring millions of acres of productive California farmland is not a solution the growing world population needs right now.  That is why a new program, known as LandFlex was created, providing an alternative solution to assist farmers in meeting the requirements of SGMA. Millions of dollars of LandFlex funding have recently been awarded to serve farmers within critically overdrafted basins …

US Grain Market Trends Supporting Lower Feed Costs for California Dairies

Watch this brief interview with Shelby Myers, Grain Markets Intelligence Director from Ever.Ag, as she shares current grain market dynamics supporting more affordable feed availability for California dairies, based on her presentation at a recent meeting in Tulare, CA. Please thank this video’s sponsor afimilk for their industry support.

Why So Much Volatility in the US Cheese Market Recently

Class 3 milk prices have seen better days in the California dairy industry.  The cheese market in particular has been quite volatile recently, and producers are disappointed to see prices on the decline this month.  Watch this brief interview with Tiffany LaMendola, Vice President of Risk Management at Ever.Ag, as she explains the current dynamics of the cheese market. Please …

100,000 Dairy Cows Relocated Due to Central Valley Flooding

March Madness was taken to a whole new level this year when torrential rainfall and snowmelt caused unprecedented flooding in the Southern San Joaquin Valley, necessitating the evacuation of homes, communities and about 100,000 dairy cattle.  Watch this brief video with Anja Raudabaugh, CEO of Western United Dairies as she clarifies what really happened and how this tragedy has impacted the …

Almond Hulls Enhance Low Quality Alfalfa in Dairy Cattle Diet

As severe weather events impact an already limited supply of alfalfa feed in California, research at UC Davis is showing that combining almond hulls with lower quality alfalfa can help improve digestibility for dairy cattle. Watch this brief interview with Postdoctoral Researcher Katherine Swanson as she elaborates on the study results.  Read more about it in California Dairy Magazine. Please …

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