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Reinforcing Buy American Food Act in California School Districts

Finding that California school districts have not been following the Buy American Act regarding food purchases, Ag Council of California sponsored legislation to reinforce the provision with successful results.  Watch this brief interview with Emily Rooney, President of Ag Council, for more details and how this will support California agriculture and the local economy. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their …

Introducing the New President of Sun-Maid Growers

Sun-Maid Growers of California has recently gone through some leadership changes, and at their annual meeting in December, growers were introduced to a new President of the cooperative, Steve Loftus. Watch this brief interview to get to know Steve and what he plans to bring to Sun-Maid.  Read more about it in American Vineyard Magazine. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for …

Sun-Maid Leadership Changes, Overly Takes New Role

There have been rumors that Sun-Maid Growers’ CEO has left to take the position as CEO of another snacking food company.  Watch this video interview with outgoing CEO Harry Overly as he clarifies his position at Sun-Maid.  Read more about it in the coming issue of American Vineyard Magazine. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

The Purpose of the California Raisin Administrative Committee

Monte Schutz, Chairman of the Raisin Administrative Committee (RAC), was among the panelists sharing their views of the current State of the California Raisin Industry this year at the annual Grape, Nut & Tree Fruit Expo.  Watch this brief interview with Monte as he reminds growers of some of the essential roles the RAC plays in serving the industry.  Read …

Changing Labor Laws & Regulations Ag Employers Need to Know

As California farmers prepare for the New Year, there are some labor-related changes to laws and regulations that ag employers need to be aware of.  Watch this brief interview with Adam Borchard from the California Fresh Fruit Association as he explains, based on his recent presentation at the Grape, Nut & Tree Fruit Expo. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their …

State of the Central Valley Wine Industry and Harvest Report

Wine grape growers in the Central Valley made it through another challenging year and brought in a quality, but lighter harvest.  Watch this brief interview with Jeff Bitter from Allied Grape Growers as he describes the season’s successes and challenges, as well as wine market conditions — based on his recent State of the Wine Grape Industry address at the …

New and Innovative Specialty Crop Protection Tools for California Growers

As crop protection materials continue to get regulated out of circulation, California farmers are struggling to have sufficient tools to maintain plant health and combat the major pests and diseases that afflict this region of the world.  The good news is that new and innovative crop protection tools are being developed and receiving registration for use on specialty crops in …

A More Effective Way to Win the Battle Against Vine Mealybug

Vine mealybug has never been more widespread across the grape growing regions of California than it is now.  Watch this video interview with Nathan Mercer from the Kent Daane Lab at UC Berkeley, who shares a more effective and collaborative way to control this pest in vineyards.  Read more about vineyard pest management in American Vineyard Magazine. Please thank this …

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