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EU Proposes New MRL Regulation on Imported Pistachios

It appears that aflatoxin will not be the only naturally occurring mold sabotaging pistachio shipments destined for the European Union.  The EU is proposing a new MRL regulation on Ochratoxin A in pistachio imports to go into effect January 1, 2023. But what is Ochratoxin A and what should the pistachio industry know about this? Watch this brief interview with …

Navel Orangeworm Sterile Insect Technique Moving Forward

Many tree nut growers are aware of the pistachio industry’s investment and government support of sterile insect technique as another tool to suppress navel orangeworm populations in the orchard, but recognize that the research takes time and money. So how far have we come and does the technique still have promise for combatting the tree nut industry’s number one insect …

American Pistachio Growers Ramps Up Marketing Efforts Ahead of Industry Growth

As the US Pistachio industry continues to ramp up in production, global marketing efforts have never been more critical to keep demand ahead of supply. Watch this brief interview with Judy Hirigoyen from American Pistachio Growers as she shares how American Pistachio Growers is leading the charge. Please thank this video’s sponsor Trece for their industry support.

Pistachio Conference Attendance Shatters Record, as is Likely for the 2022 Crop

American Pistachio Growers gathered in record numbers recently for their annual conference in Carlsbad, CA. Watch this brief interview with Richard Matoian, President of American Pistachio Growers as he shares highlights, and how the record attendance is also a reflection of the growth of the industry and new heights in pistachio acreage and production being reached. Please thank this video’s …

Dennis Woods to Lead New American Pistachio Growers Board as Chairman

The election results for six Board seats, for the 2022 American Pistachio Growers (APG) Board of Directors, were recently announced during the Annual Membership Meeting. The newly elected board members are Adam Kusmak of Tularosa Pistachio Groves, New Mexico, and from California, William Bourdeau of Harris Farms, Paul Huckabay of Keenan Farming Company, Raj Kahlon of RHM Farms, Jim Zion of …

Pistachio Growers Unite at Industry Annual Conference

The next five years for American pistachio growers presents challenges and great opportunity, prompting a call for unity at the industry’s Annual Pistachio Conference, which kicked off today in Carlsbad, CA. More than 1200 attendees—an industry record—from three states participated in the conference, which kicked off with a panel of growers who discussed the next five years, as production ramps …

Western Pistachio Industry Delivers Another Record Crop

Despite drought conditions and other challenges facing California agriculture, pistachio growers delivered another record high crop — even with it being considered an ‘off year’ for production trends.  Watch this brief interview with Richard Matoian, President of American Pistachio Growers as he explains. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

Assemblyman Adam Gray Addresses Dire Need for Action on Improving, Increasing CA Water Infrastructure

As drought conditions worsen in California and water curtailments cause prime farmland to run dry, many wonder how long agriculture will have to suffer the consequences of decades of government neglect to water storage/infrastructure needs.  Watch this brief interview with California State Assembly member Adam Gray as he shares his perspective and priorities in regards to the situation. Please thank …

Port Congestion Limits Tree Nut Exports at Harvest

Water infrastructure is not the only critical issue California needs to invest more in; since the onset of the pandemic, the west coast ports have been overtasked and are in dire need of attention.  Watch this brief interview with Jim Zion from the Agricultural Trade Advisory Council as he explains the issue and its impact on agricultural exports. Please thank …

Recent Successes & Challenges on the Legislative Front with APG’s Cadee Condit

Growers finally got to meet American Pistachio Growers’ (APG) new Director of Government Relations, Cadee Condit in-person at the recent APG Summer Luncheon in Visalia, CA. Watch this brief interview with Cadee as she introduces herself and talks about APG’s current priorities on the legislative front. Read more about it in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for …

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