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Tony Campos, 2017 Almond Achievement Award Winner

Modesto, Calif., (January 11, 2018) – Tony Campos, Campos Brothers Farms, accepted the 2017 Almond Achievement Award winner at the Almond Conference in Sacramento. Tony has been involved with Almond Board of California (ABC) for almost three decades, serving on multiple committees, including eight years as an ABC Board Member. “Tony is someone in our industry that has dedicated his …

Almond Board Celebrates Breakthroughs in Almond Quality & Food Safety

MODESTO, Calif. – (Nov. 15, 2017) – A groundbreaking mandatory pasteurization program created by Almond Board of California (ABC) and its strategic partners has supported an enviable industry-wide food safety record over the last decade. Since the program’s launch, there have been zero outbreaks of foodborne illness attributed to California Almonds. Today, more than 200 treatment processes have been validated …

Side-By-Side Demonstrations Of Low-Dust Harvesting Equipment Draw Much Interest

Modesto, Calif., (October 24, 2017) – Two side-by-side demonstrations of low-dust harvesting equipment from four almond equipment manufacturers were hailed as successful as scores of almond growers took time during harvest to attend. Manufacturers Exact Harvesting Systems of Modesto, Flory Industries of Salida, Weiss McNair of Chico and Jackrabbit of Ripon participated in the events, the first of their kind. …

Update on Yellow Monterey Almond Trees

Sacramento, Calif., (October 18, 2017) – Farm Advisors and PCAs have fielded calls this season concerning Monterey on Krymsk 86 or Rootpac-R showing unique foliar symptoms – yellowing, rolling leaves with marginal necrosis and poor growth. Occasionally Nonpareil or Butte trees may be affected, but based on planting preferences and symptoms, Monterey generates the most concern. Most of the trees …

Entomologist Frank Zalom Delivers 2017 ARS B. Y. Morrison Memorial Lecture at ASHS Conference

Waikoloa, Hawaii, (September 26, 2017) – “Significance of Integrated Pest Management to Sustainable Horticultural Production—Observations and Experiences” is the title of entomologist Frank G. Zalom’s 2017 ARS Benjamin Y. Morrison Memorial Lecture, which he delivered today at the American Society for Horticultural Science annual conference in Waikoloa, Hawaii. Zalom is nationally and internationally renowned for his leadership developing research-based integrated …

Biochar as an Alternative Use for Almond Biomass

Biochar as an Alternative Use for Almond Biomass - California Ag Network

With record acreage of almonds coming into production in California, hullers and processors are going to need to find new/alternative uses for hulls & shells. The Almond Alliance is working with the Almond Board of California to come up with sustainable alternatives including almond biochar to increase the water holding capacity and bring nutrients back into the soil. Watch this …

Navel Orange Worm Update

Sacramento, Calif., (June 19, 2017) – Navel orange worm is the key pest in almond. Nut feeding by this pest directly reduces yield and grower income. For example, 1% damage* in a 2500 kernel lb/acre crop = 25 kernel lb/acre loss (and $62.5/acre at a price of $2.50/lb). Also, NOW damage is frequently contaminated with highly toxic fungus aflatoxin, which …

Reflections of 2016 Mite Pressure & Management in Almonds

[wpdevart_youtube]TRePzmynHzA[/wpdevart_youtube] 2016 was an odd year for mite pressure & management in almonds. UC Kern County Entomologist David Haviland addressed this at Malcolm Media’s Annual Tree & Vine Expo in Turlock. Watch this brief interview with David as he reflects on last year’s trends of mite monitoring/control as growers prepare to manage them this year.

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