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California DPR Awards $2.6M to Accelerate Adoption of Effective and Sustainable Pest Management

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) has announced $2.6 million in grant funding awarded to eight projects that advance the adoption of safer, more sustainable pest management. The department awarded $1.72 million in Research Grants to fund projects that advance integrated pest management (IPM) knowledge, tools and practices. DPR additionally awarded $942,000 in Alliance Grants to fund projects that …

Oakville Bluegrass Cooperative Opens Enrollment for USDA Incentive

Oakville Bluegrass Cooperative opened enrollment for the inaugural year of the USDA climate-smart partnerships incentive to plant Oakville bluegrass, a summer-dormant perennial cover crop. Because Oakville bluegrass is dormant from April through September, it doesn’t compete with cash crops for water or nutrients making it ideal for California permanent crops. Planted on over 900 acres of vineyards and tree nut …

Vietnam Grants Market Access For California Peaches And Nectarines

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that Vietnam has granted market access for California peaches and nectarine effective immediately. Eliminating the phytosanitary barriers keeping California peaches and nectarines out of the Vietnamese market required multiple rounds of technical negotiations over the course of several years. “This market access is a big win for California’s nectarine and peach producers,” …

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