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Drink Your Peas, Please!

USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist and director of the Western Regional Research Center (Albany, CA), Tara McHugh and her team in the Healthy Processed Foods Research Unit are experts at solving food-manufacturing problems. Using cutting-edge processing technologies, they have helped numerous small businesses, such as Ripple Foods, turn ideas into products for the consumer. ARS is helping Ripple Foods optimize its current pea protein drying process to …

Using Satellites to Improve Sustainability, Yield

Two of the nation’s great agricultural regions are the focus of new research that aims to head off emerging threats and improve sustainability. Scientists with the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) are joining colleagues to create and use artificial intelligence to help farmers in the Colorado River Basin and Salinas Valley, CA, improve their management of irrigation, fertilization, and pests. USDA’s National Institute of …

Vitamin K and Flavonoids Found in Fresh Grapes are Essential

A recent study published in the scientific journal Clinical Infectious Diseases found that a lack of adequate vitamin K levels was associated with poor outcomes in COVID-19 patients. The researchers identified an increased need for vitamin K during a COVID-19 illness and noted that depletion or deficiency of vitamin K can have devastating consequences in the lungs. Vitamin K, a nutrient …

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