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Watermelon Master Classes to Educate, Inform & Inspire

The first of its kind, the Watermelon Virtual Master Classes were arguably one of the largest pivots of the Spring-Summer season for the communications program of the National Watermelon Promotion Board (NWPB). The challenge was to move an NYC-based freelance summertime media event to online: a virtual version for the at-home world of media and influencers to educate, inform and …

Fennimore Receives 2020 EurAgEng Outstanding Paper Award

Steve Fennimore, UC Davis Plant Sciences faculty member and UC Cooperative Extension weed specialist, and colleagues received the 2020 EurAgEng Outstanding Paper Award for the paper, “Crop Signalling: A Novel Crop Recognition Technique for Robotic Control,” which was published in Biosystems Engineering. The research represents a breakthrough in differentiating weeds from crops using machine vision systems. The technology could help California growers address challenges in …

Extending the Shelf-Life of Strawberries

Advances in technology, automation, and remote sensing is a cross-cutting, macro movement in science impacting agriculture outlined in the USDA Science Blueprint (PDF, 2.6 MB). The Science Blueprint guides USDA’s science priorities for the next 5 years, building from past success. Relative to other crops, many specialty crops are more dependent on agricultural labor for production, harvesting, and processing. This is part …

Foodservice Campaigns Find New Ways to Promote Watermelons

Watermelon continues to find its place on menus throughout the country despite the rapidly changing foodservice landscape. Partnering with both quick service and full service national chains in the spring and summer months, the National Watermelon Promotion Board (Board) focused on takeaway- and delivery-friendly options to not only include watermelon on the menu, but keep it top of mind with …

Irrigation Strategies to Avoid Heat Damage to Cool Season Vegetables

Currently, we are experiencing a prolonged heatwave on the central coast.  Heatwaves have become a recurring phenomenon in recent years, especially in late summer. With thousands of acres of cool season vegetables in the ground, irrigation will be critical for keeping crops cool and for supplying enough moisture to meet their water needs. Crops can be kept cool by maximizing evapotranspiration (ET).  …

New CA Blackeye Varieties Show Resistance to Cowpea Aphid

Field trials in the Central Valley with two new varieties of blackeye beans, CB74 and CB77, show impressive resistance to cowpea aphids compared to standard CB46, CB5, and CB50 lines. Four varieties of blackeyes including CB46, CB77, CB74, and CB5 were seeded into a blackeye CB50 field, in single lines on 30-inch beds in the Sacramento Valley in May 2020 …

Broomrape: a Parasitic Weed in CA Processing Tomato

Branched broomrape (Phelipanche ramosa), a weedy parasitic plant that can cause devastating damage to many economically important wide range of broadleaf crops including tomato, cabbage, potato, eggplant, carrot, pepper, beans, celery, peanut and sunflower has recently re-emerged in fields in Central Valley counties in California. This weed utilizes a modified root, called haustorium, to fuse into a host plant root and …

UnitedAg Celebrates 40 Years of Ag Healthcare

UnitedAg is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its founding in 1980. In celebration of its achievements, UnitedAg will host a series of virtual events throughout the year to share with its members the challenges and milestones of the last 40 years. “Reflecting on the past 40 years, we at UnitedAg are filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. With …

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