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Reality of the Wildfire Impact on the 2020 Winegrape Crop

Many of our wine grape industry friends and families have been impacted by the recent wildfires, and our hearts and prayers go out to them. Although vineyards tend to act as fire breaks helping to mitigate the spread of these wildfires, growers and winemakers are concerned about what the smoke exposure impact will have on the 2020 vintage.  Please watch …

Managing Heat In California Avocado Groves

California Avocado Commission — According to a new report released by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and the Climate Science Alliance, Southern California agricultural regions will face more climate extremes — notably higher daily maximum temperatures and more frequent and intense heat events — in the coming decades. As Dr. Ben Faber notes in a recent blog post, although avocado groves have …

CAWG Addresses Grape Grower & Winemaker Smoke Exposure Challenges

Last month’s widespread lightning storms resulted in multiple fast-moving and devastating wildfires that affected many regions of the state. More than 1 million acres have burned, resulting in lives lost, damaged structures and property, and smoke-filled days. These wildfires have produced unprecedented challenges for California’s winegrape growers and wineries. Growers and wineries have been challenged to determine with certainty how …

Emergency Mortality Disposal Advisory Update

As an update to outdated information shared last week, the following has been provided from a variety agencies including CDFA, RB-5, CalRecycle, various county agricultural commissioners and divisions of environmental health and rendering companies. It represents our best understanding of current requirements, but these may change without notice. Summary   The current heat event has strained the state’s rendering capacity. …

Protecting Workers from Unhealthy Air Due to Wildfire Smoke

Cal/OSHA is reminding employers that California’s protection from wildfire smoke standard is still in effect, and they must take steps to protect their workers from harmful exposure to unhealthy air due to wildfire smoke. “Employers are obligated to protect their outdoor workers and must evaluate the health hazards posed by wildfire smoke,” said Cal/OSHA Chief Doug Parker. “If employers cannot …

Organic Ag Takes on Climate Change

The threat that climate change poses to our world, our ecosystem and our health demands bold policy solutions, and, as the devastating impacts of a warming Earth mount, the push for the development of robust and comprehensive federal climate policy is gaining traction. Organic agriculture can be a part of the solution and help tackle climate change through its ability …

New Resources for Farmers with CA Irrigation Management Information System

Many farmers are already familiar with California DWR’s CIMIS program, with weather stations that collect data for them all over the state. What they may not know is some newer features to the program that can help them better determine irrigation needs for their crops wherever they may be. Watch this brief interview with Steve Ewert as he explains.

USDA California Crop Weather Report

USDA Crop/Weather Report

WEATHER Temperature highs ranged from the mid 40s to low 70s in the mountains, low 60s to low 80s along the coast, low 60s to mid 80s in the valley, and low 60s to high eighties in the desert.  Temperature lows ranged from the mid 10s to high 40s in the mountains, mid 30s to mid 50s along the coast, …

Flower Losses Due to Shrinking Habitats and Climate Change Hurt Prime Pollinators

Without enough sugar in their diets, bumblebee queens can experience difficulty reproducing and shorter lifespans.  Hollis Woodard, assistant professor of entomology at UCR, has conducted multiple studies showing how loss of plant availability negatively affects the prolific pollinators. Previous research indicates a queen’s diet can impact how quickly her brood develops, or whether she’s able to live through hibernation. In …

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