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Raisin Bargaining Association May Industry Update

[wpdevart_youtube]SzKXXtMtUDQ[/wpdevart_youtube] Bunch counts are in, temperatures are rising and growers are working to keep their vines clean of pests and diseases. Meanwhile at the Raisin Bargaining Association, here is Kalem Barserian with an update on raisin shipments, acreage trends, and their efforts to support the industry after hitting rock bottom pricing for last year’s crop. Watch this brief video and …

Managing Stem & Bulb Nematode and Potentially White Rot in Garlic

[wpdevart_youtube]R0YNI_0Kx0Y[/wpdevart_youtube] At the Annual Garlic & Onion Research Symposium, Mary Ruth McDonald shared some great results from her field trials in controlling Stem & Bulb Nematode, a significant pest of garlic, with some promising pesticides, one of which may also control white rot. Watch this video and read more in the May issue of Vegetables West Magazine.

Preparing to Monitor & Manage Walnut Husk Fly

[wpdevart_youtube]z81_Ah2O8Hw[/wpdevart_youtube] Back at Pacific Nut Producer’s Annual Tree & Vine Expo at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, UC IPM Advisor Jhalendra Rijal shared some important things to know about monitoring and controlling walnut husk fly in the orchard. As growers prepare to manage husk fly this season, watch Rijal’s brief video as a refresher on how to deal with this pest. …

50th Anniversary Meeting Raisin Bargaining Association Update

[wpdevart_youtube]tS7TeggHg7U[/wpdevart_youtube] The Raisin Bargaining Association (RBA) has been proudly serving raisin growers for 50 years now. As in any crop industry, the raisin industry has had its ups and downs, and last year was not an easy one; but the RBA remains dedicated to helping raisin growers get the best possible price for their crop. Watch this interview with RBA …

Reflections of 2016 Mite Pressure & Management in Almonds

[wpdevart_youtube]TRePzmynHzA[/wpdevart_youtube] 2016 was an odd year for mite pressure & management in almonds. UC Kern County Entomologist David Haviland addressed this at Malcolm Media’s Annual Tree & Vine Expo in Turlock. Watch this brief interview with David as he reflects on last year’s trends of mite monitoring/control as growers prepare to manage them this year.

Dairy Producer Considerations for Genomic Testing

[wpdevart_youtube]W2I99xItefU[/wpdevart_youtube] Genomic Testing was a big topic of discussion at the World Ag Expo dairy seminars this year. Genomic Testing is a new technology that is becoming more available and affordable to dairy producers; however, there are still many questions as to how it all fits in to individual dairy operations. Watch this brief video interview with Genetic Programs Manager …

Tips on Controlling Botryosphaeria & Phomopsis in Walnut Orchards

[wpdevart_youtube]tLQwCuvx1uQ[/wpdevart_youtube] With all the rain we received this winter, UC Plant Pathologist Themis Michailides warns growers that the sleeping giant of botryosphaeria and phomopsis will be awakening again. With the potential to cause severe damage in walnut orchards, Themis shared some cultural and chemical tools growers can utilize to keep it under control. Watch Themis’ brief interview with California Ag …

Managing Walnut Scale to Lower Botryosphaeria Impact

[wpdevart_youtube]Nuokjp9ytic[/wpdevart_youtube] Now is the time to be monitoring for walnut scale. This is a pest that cannot be ignored in walnut orchards with Botryosphaeria issues. Watch Emily Symmes’ video interview with California Ag Network as she explains how to monitor and control this pest to lower the impact of Botryosphaeria. Read more in the March issue of Pacific Nut Producer …

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