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Managing Vole Populations in Alfalfa with Roger Baldwin

[wpdevart_youtube]9VsIbInhbzc[/wpdevart_youtube] Do you have voles present in the field? If so they can cause an average of 11% damage in alfalfa, a percentage that can’t be ignored. But how do you manage these pests. Watch this brief video interview with UC Wildlife specialist Roger Baldwin as he answers the question, and read more in California Dairy Magazine.

Hope on the Horizon for California Dairy Producers

[wpdevart_youtube]TGAAbrC8DkQ[/wpdevart_youtube] With new oncoming regulations backed by false ideas about the California dairy industry, coupled with lower dairy prices, dairy producers may feel down and out about the future of their livelihood; however there is hope on the horizon, as shared by Anja Raudabaugh from Western United Dairymen in this brief interview with California Ag Network. Watch this interview and …

How Rodent Populations have been Impacted by Early Season Floods

[wpdevart_youtube]P6n3dMddhmQ[/wpdevart_youtube] With the early season rains and floods, many growers have wondered what kind of impact that might have had on rodent populations on the farm, and want to know how to manage them moving forward. Check out California Ag Network’s video interview with Wildlife Specialist Roger Baldwin from UC Davis to find the answers.

Downy Mildew Devastates Vegetable Crops in Southern California

Downy Mildew Devastates Vegetable Crops in Southern California

[wpdevart_youtube]DYy0vXI-YUk[/wpdevart_youtube] At the CAPCA Spring Summit in Temecula, growers and crop consultants gathered to discuss issues with pest & disease management, and how to resolve them. This year was especially rough on southern desert vegetable growers for downy mildew, as many were not prepared for all the rain we received earlier this year. Watch this brief video with UC Plant …

Ag Council of California Works to Ensure Buy American Provision

Ag Council of California Works to Ensure Buy American Provision in School Lunches

[wpdevart_youtube]aQuiMMNFABA[/wpdevart_youtube] Emily Rooney, President of the Ag Council of California recently spoke at the annual Almond Alliance Convention, sharing their organization’s efforts to defend California Agriculture in Sacramento. One of their recent successes has been working with Dr. Pan on the Buy American Provision to ensure that school lunches are not coming from commodities produced outside of the country when …

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