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NRCS Incentive Funding for On-farm Groundwater Recharge Projects

As drought conditions persist in California, farmers are making the most of every drop of water they use. However, there may be more they can do during the rainy season to put water back into the ground with assistance of the USDA-NRCS.  Watch this brief interview with California Water Quality Specialist Wendy Rash to find out. Please thank this video’s …

Vineyard Mechanization Beyond Harvest

A record number of growers will be mechanically harvesting their grapes this year, due in part to increasing labor limitations.  There have been many recent innovations in mechanization that go far beyond the machine harvesting of grapes.  From mechanical leaf and sucker removal to automated winter pruners, watch this video with Aaron Lange from Langetwins Family Winery & Vineyards for …

Table Grape Varieties Taking Well to New Nematode and Salt Resistant Rootstocks

Watch this brief interview with UC Cooperative Extension Specialist Ashraf El-kereamy as he discusses the performance of table grape varieties from trials with new nematode resistant and salt tolerant rootstocks. Read more in American Vineyard Magazine. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

The Facts on San Joaquin Valley Water Use & Realigning Priorities Amidst Drought

In a panel discussion titled, “Water: What Real, What’s Not, What’s Next” at the Annual Convention of the Almond Alliance of California, Friant Water Authority CEO Jason Phillips shares his views on solutions to California’s water crisis based on the reality of the San Joaquin Valley’s water supply and use. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

What Ag Employers Should Know about Firing Employees

When is it appropriate to fire an employee and how should you go about doing it properly to prevent negative repercussions? At the Annual Convention of the Almond Alliance of California, Stacy Henderson, Almond Alliance’s go-to attorney for ag labor law, shared some key insights every ag employer should know. Watch this brief video with Stacy as she explains. Please thank …

Replacing Corn with Drought Tolerant Sorghum Forages

As drought conditions persist in California, dairy feed growers are taking more interest in replacing some of their corn fields with more drought-tolerant sorghum forages — however, sorghum has its own ideal growing condition growers should understand.  Watch this interview with Jeff Dahlberg, former Director of the Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center, as he explains.  Read more about it …

California Growers Finding Alfalfa Weevil Difficult to Control with Insecticide Resistance

The ongoing drought is putting more than enough pressure on our dairy feed producers as it is in California; however, alfalfa weevil also continues to wage war over the state’s alfalfa crop as insecticide resistance for this pest continues to build. Watch this brief interview with Ian Grettenberger from the UC Cooperative Extension as he explains the situation.  Read more …

Lodi PCA Warns Grape Growers of Danger in Not Screening Imported Plant Material

Many insect pests currently plaguing California agriculture are not native to the state.  As grape growers continue to battle pests like vine mealybug and are threatened by other potential pests such as spotted lanternfly, watch this brief interview with Lodi PCA/CCA Larry Whitted as he reminds growers how important it is for imported grapevines to be properly quarantined and screened …

Adjusting Your Alfalfa Cutting Schedule for Maximum Quality & Yield

California dairy producers want top quality hay for their cows, but they also want to maximize yields in their alfalfa fields.  Watch this interview with Dan Putnam from the UC Cooperative Extension as he shares that the key to finding a happy balance between quality and quantity is in determining the best cutting schedule.  Read more about it in California …

Chinese Consumers View Pistachios as Healthy “Happy Nuts”

Can an increasing Chinese appetite for U.S. grown pistachios help overcome trade barriers?  Possibly, but watch this brief interview with American Pistachio Growers’ in-country trade representative Roger Zhang as he shares pistachio consumer trends in China. Read more in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

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