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Tulare County Sheriff and Congressional Candidate Addresses Tree Nut and Beehive Theft

As California almond orchards are coming to life again in beautiful bloom, most of the nation’s beehives have been strategically placed around orchards all over the state in hopes of a solid 2024 crop set.  Should growers be concerned about these hives disappearing overnight? Watch this brief interview Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux who addresses this, along with the historical …

Growth Opportunities for the Western Pecan Industry

While the southern states have historically led the nation in pecan production by far, acreage and production trends in the West are rising, according to California pecan grower/processor and American Pecan Council Board Member Blake Houston. Watch his video interview with Matthew Malcolm at the recent Tree & Vine Expo in Turlock, based on his State of the Pecan Industry …

California Growers Celebrate Legislative Win Supporting Groundwater Recharge

Last Fall, Governor Newsom signed SB 659, The California Water Supply Solutions Act of 2023, sponsored by the California Association of Winegrape Growers and the Regional Water Authority in Sacramento.  But what does this mean for California farmers implementing groundwater recharge practices in the coming months?  Watch this video with Michael Miiller from the California Association of Winegrape Growers to …

New Almond Board CEO Shares Optimism for Future of Industry

At the recent Almond Board of California annual conference in Sacramento, growers, hullers and processors witnessed the passing the reigns from the former President Richard Waycott, to the new President and CEO Clarice Turner.  Watch this interview to learn more about Clarice Turner, as well as the experience and optimism for the future of the industry that she brings to …

Sun-Maid Growers Evolve to Meet Consumers Where They are Today

At the annual meeting of Sun-Maid Growers of California in downtown Fresno, grower members gathered for a nice brunch while listening to the cooperative’s leadership on the current performance of the iconic brand and how California raisins can continue to command a premium market share around the world.  Watch this video with Sun-Maid President Steve Loftus, and read more in …

New Chair Introduced at American Pistachio Growers, and What to Expect at Annual Conference

Rich Kreps has just been announced as the new American Pistachio Growers Chairman of the Board. Watch this brief interview to learn more about Rich and what to expect at the 2024 American Pistachio Growers annual conference coming soon to Monterey, including some special keynote speakers. Learn more and register to attend the conference HERE.

Global Bulk Wine Market Challenges to Navigate

Watch this brief interview with Turrentine Brokerage bulk wine broker Marc Cuneo following his State of the Industry report at Malcolm Media’s Tree & Vine Expo on what’s going on in the bulk wine market and the challenges that lay ahead. Read the State of the California grape industry reports in the January and upcoming issues of American Vineyard Magazine.

Waning Demand Concerning Future of the Wine Industry

At Malcolm Media’s recent Grape, Nut & Tree Fruit Expo, Allied Grape Growers’ Jeff Bitter delivered a State of the Wine & Grape Concentrate Industry report, that left attendees concerned about the near future of the wine industry. Predicting an imminent market correction that will impact most in the industry, watch his interview and read more about it in American …

Turrentine Brokerage Reflects on Challenging 2023 Vintage (CA Northern Interior)

Like many other vineyards in the state, Lodi and the the Northern Interior of California were severely impacted by mildew pressure in 2023. This contributed to significant crop losses, lowering the overall wine grape crush. Watch this brief interview with Mike Needham from Turrentine Brokerage following his State of the Industry report at Malcolm Media’s Tree & Vine Expo.

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