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New Resources for Farmers with CA Irrigation Management Information System

Many farmers are already familiar with California DWR’s CIMIS program, with weather stations that collect data for them all over the state. What they may not know is some newer features to the program that can help them better determine irrigation needs for their crops wherever they may be. Watch this brief interview with Steve Ewert as he explains.

Automated Delivery System for Therapeutic Materials to Treat HLB Infected Citrus

Why is this research needed? In 2005, a disease called Huanglongbing (HLB, citrus greening, was identified in Florida’s commercial citrus groves. The disease is caused by a bacterium that affects all citrus cultivars by disrupting the flow of nutrients from the source of production, to the site of use, causing tree decline. HLB weakens the root system, increases early fruit …

California Wineries Bring Virtual Wine Experiences to Consumers

With winery tasting rooms temporarily closed due to California’s statewide shelter-in-place order, wine lovers are looking for new ways to connect with their favorite wineries without leaving home. Golden State winemakers have responded with a variety of fun, creative offerings to bring California wine country to consumers across the country. Along with putting innovative and educational twists on “virtual tastings,” …

How Drones Can Help Farmers

Have you seen a drone buzzing by in a park and wondered what all the fuss is about? These flying vehicles may seem like just an upgrade to the remote-controlled helicopters of yesteryear. But drones are receiving a lot of attention for good reasons. Drones can help people, including farmers and scientists, look at and analyze pretty much anything. When …

California Receives More Than $7.6 Million from USDA for Rural Business Energy Efficiency Projects

The USDA is investing a total of $237 million throughout the US to help farmers, Ag producers and rural businesses lower energy costs. More $7.6 million of that is coming to California for 12 different projects. The funding is provided through the Rural Energy for American Program (REAP). Recipients can use REAP funding for energy audits and to install renewable energy …

Strong Case for Upgrading Trucks: Food Distributors Realize Important Soft Benefits of Replacing Aging Equipment

Food distributors are increasingly realizing the need to upgrade the trucks in their transportation fleet more frequently by replacing older, less efficient units that cost more to operate and produce harmful emissions. Without question, newer, eco-efficient trucks deliver significant savings in fuel and maintenance costs. In fact, according to the most recent truck lifecycle data index, food distribution fleet operators can …

Finding Truth & What to Do Amidst the Controversy Over Crop Protection Materials “Pesticides”

Agriculture and the science of crop protection materials is too often misunderstood by the public and is under constant attack by extremists in the political arena. As legislation and jurisdiction begins to more commonly ignore sound science in their decision-making, farmers are rightfully concerned about the future of agriculture and what may or may not be in their power to …

Don’t Miss Malcolm Media’s Grape, Nut & Tree Fruit Expo in Fresno, Nov. 19

Save the date, Tuesday, November 19th for the annual Grape, Nut & Tree Fruit Expo at the Big Fresno Fairgrounds.  Held by Malcolm Media Ag Publishing in cooperation with California Ag Network, Pacific Nut Producer, American Vineyard, and California Fresh Fruit Magazines, it is the ultimate postharvest industry gathering place for regional grape, nut & tree fruit growers and crop …

Pre-Register Today for the Sonoma Grape Expo, Nov. 15

Save the date, Friday, November 15th for the Sonoma Grape Expo at the Cloverdale Citrus Fairgrounds, in Sonoma County, Malcolm Media’s premier event for North Coast  Wine Grape Growers and PCAs.  Held biennially in cooperation with American Vineyard Magazine and California Ag Network, it is the ultimate postharvest regional gathering place for wine grape growers and crop advisors.  Hundreds of …

UC Davis’ Kaan Kurtural Shares Advancements in Precision Viticulture

It used to be that growers had few if any options in bring uniformity to a vineyard with so much variability in soil type among other geographical characteristics.  There have been so many recent developments and technological advances in plant and soil sensing equipment that has taken precision viticulture to a whole new level.  Watch this brief interview with UC …

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