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USDA California Crop/Weather Report

USDA Crop/Weather Report

Sacramento, Calif., (July 6, 2017) – A ridge of high pressure sat over the western United States, which resulted in another hot and dry week across the State. The only rain for the week was along the northern coast, where Eureka reported four hundredths of an inch for the week. A broken band of snow approximately 40 miles wide between …

Insect and Mite Updates – 2017

Sacramento, Calif., (June 28, 2017) – The impacts of such an unusually wet winter and prolonged spring rain events on insect and mite activity are still developing. This article summarizes some notable observations thus far and specific pest management considerations as we move into summer. The first codling moth biofix generally ranged from early- to mid-April in 2017 in the …

“Don’t Pack A Pest” Traveler Education Outreach Program Expands To California At San Francisco Airport

Don't Pack A Pest

Sacramento, Calif., (June 27, 2017) – San Francisco, California, June 27, 2017 – People traveling to and from San Francisco International Airport are now advised, “Don’t Pack a Pest,” on signs placed at various locations in the terminal.  A news conference today announced the expansion of this successful awareness campaign into California. “Don’t Pack a Pest” helps protect against invasive species introduction in …

Managing Vole Populations in Alfalfa with Roger Baldwin

[wpdevart_youtube]9VsIbInhbzc[/wpdevart_youtube] Do you have voles present in the field? If so they can cause an average of 11% damage in alfalfa, a percentage that can’t be ignored. But how do you manage these pests. Watch this brief video interview with UC Wildlife specialist Roger Baldwin as he answers the question, and read more in California Dairy Magazine.

How Rodent Populations have been Impacted by Early Season Floods

[wpdevart_youtube]P6n3dMddhmQ[/wpdevart_youtube] With the early season rains and floods, many growers have wondered what kind of impact that might have had on rodent populations on the farm, and want to know how to manage them moving forward. Check out California Ag Network’s video interview with Wildlife Specialist Roger Baldwin from UC Davis to find the answers.

Managing Seedcorn Maggot in Tulelake Processing Onions

[wpdevart_youtube]w6zbQgutxtc[/wpdevart_youtube] Seedcorn maggot has been a significant problem for processing onion growers in the Tulelake area. Watch this brief video interview with Rob Wilson, UC Farm Advisor & IREC Director, as he shares the latest chemical and cultural practices to minimize this pest in the field. Read more in Vegetables West Magazine.  

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