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The Difference Between Fungicide Resistance & Sprayer Coverage/Calibration Issues

The Difference Between Fungicide Resistance & Sprayer Coverage/Calibration Issues

Fungicide Resistance is a real issue in the grape industry in regards to powdery mildew control.  Growers need to take this seriously and be able to recognize signs of it in their vineyards; however, sometimes what may appear to be a resistance problem may actually be an issue of poor sprayer calibration/coverage.  Watch this brief video with Research Plant Pathologist …

Increase of Early Almond Varieties Demands Evolution in the Industry

More Early Almond Varieties Demands Evolution within the Industry

One of the main concerns with recent almond acreage trends is in the exponential growth of earlier harvesting varieties and how the how that will impact early stockpiling at hulling and processing facilities.  Growers obviously want to harvest their crops as soon as possible, but Navel Orangeworm damage doesn’t stop as soon as the nuts leave the orchard.  Watch this …

Disrupting One Gene Could Be First Step Toward Treating Honey Bee Parasite Nosema Ceranae

Jay Evans

BELTSVILLE, MARYLAND, June 20, 2019—Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists have taken the first step towards a weapon against the major honey bee parasite Nosema ceranae. There is currently no treatment for this parasite. The scientists found that feeding honey bees a small amount of an interfering RNA compound (RNAi) could disrupt the reproduction of N. cerana by as much as 90 percent in …

Global E. coli Outbreaks

E.Coli Breakout

The impact of an E. coli outbreak is far-reaching. It spreads through the entire supply chain, leaving consumers, farmers, and retailers in a bind. Losing 45% of your sales overnight is a massive loss to any industry. This is what happened in 2018 regarding the E. coli outbreaks in romaine. Struggling to boost consumer confidence to have another outbreak and lose another …

Managing Weeds is Key to Improving Yields & Orchard Health

weed control in orchards

Almond Board of California — Weeds are a seemingly constant issue in the orchard. If not managed properly, they can create competition among young trees, clog micro-irrigation systems, use and generate uneven irrigation and contribute to a messy orchard floor during harvest. Good weed management, then, starts with identifying the weeds in your orchard, which requires constant, attentive monitoring. The University …

Kevin Ball Joins Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Committee

Kevin Ball-Disease Prevention Committee

The Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Committee (CPDPC) announces the addition of Kevin Ball as the new grower representative for the coastal district position. Kevin Ball will advise the committee on the latest citrus grower activities occurring in the coastal area. The CPDPC advises the Secretary and the agricultural industry about efforts to combat serious pests and diseases, like the …

New Ways of Managing Plant-Parasitic Nematodes Under Study

New ways of managing plant-parasitic nematodes under study

Walnut production is most productive on deep-rooting uniform soils with good water-holding capacity. Such soils are also conducive to infestations of plant-parasitic nematodes. Currently, the key pest of concern in walnut plantings is root lesion nematode (Pratylenchus vulnus). In California, this nematode is wide-spread in walnut producing areas and is estimated to be present in almost 85% of walnut orchards. …

New Powdery Mildew Spore Trapping Technology for Grapes

New Powdery Mildew Spore Trapping Technology for Grapes

As powdery mildew begins to develop resistance to our traditional fungicides, it is more important than ever that growers apply just the right products at the right times, and a new mildew spore trapping technology is now available to help growers better diagnose what’s out in the field. Watch this brief interview with Dan Rodrigues from Vina Quest and the …

Resurgence of Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizer in California Vineyards

Resurgence of Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizer in California Vineyards

As if California grape growers didn’t have enough pest issues to deal with, UCCE Entomologist Surendra Dara reported a recent resurgence of the Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizer in California.  Watch this brief interview with Dara, as he shares where the pest is resurfacing and how growers can manage it both conventionally and organically.  Read more about it in American Vineyard Magazine. …

Fiddleneck on Rangelands

Fiddleneck 3

Fiddleneck (Amsinckia spp.) is a native plant in California. It occurs in grasslands and open, disturbed areas (DiTomaso, Kyser et al. 2013) and is sold as a pollinator plant in native plant seed mixes. Its bright yellow flowers catch the eye of those looking for wildflowers. However, it is important to note that fiddleneck is toxic to livestock. Fiddleneck seeds …

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