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Managing Phytophthora Diseases in Almond: Aerial, Root & Crown Rot

There are three ways Phytophthora can injure an almond tree. Watch this brief interview with Kern County Area Orchard Systems Advisor Mohammad Yaghmour as he helps growers identify and manage Aerial Phytophthora, Root & Crown Rot.  Read more about it in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. Please thank this video’s sponsor Trece for their industry support.

A New Microscopic Almond Pest of Concern

Another pest in almonds? Just what we needed, right? Only this one you can’t see.  Almond growers have been dealing with nematodes for a long time; however, the peach root knot nematode is new to California almond orchards.  Watch this brief interview with UC Riverside Nematologist Andreas Westphal as he explains and read more about it in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. …

Potassium Nutrient Management in Almonds & Pistachios

So how much potassium does an almond or pistachio orchard need? How and when should it be applied? Watch this brief interview with UCCE Orchard Systems Advisor Phoebe Gordon as she shares some facts and considerations for growers to maintain a healthy orchard and prevent potassium deficiencies. Read more about best practices for orchard management in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. …

First CLas-Positive Asian Citrus Psyllid Found in San Diego

An Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) sample – confirmed positive for Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus (CLas), the bacteria that causes Huanglongbing (HLB) – was collected from a residential property in the Fallbrook area of San Diego County. Confirmed by Citrus Research Board’s Jerry Dimitman Laboratory, this adult psyllid sample is the first CLas-positive ACP found in San Diego County.While the first confirmation of a CLas-positive ACP in …

USDA Provides Over $70 Million to Protect Ag from Pests and Diseases

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is allocating more than $70 million to support 383 projects under the Plant Protection Act’s Section 7721 program to strengthen the nation’s infrastructure for pest detection and surveillance, identification, threat mitigation, to safeguard the nursery production system and to respond to plant pest emergencies.  Universities, states, federal agencies, nongovernmental organizations, nonprofits, and Tribal organizations will …

Potential for Late-Season Spraying of Organic Herbicides to Control Yellow Starthistle

Yellow starthistle is a noxious weed common in many areas of California’s grasslands, and is often a priority for control, due to its effects on decreased livestock carrying capacity, decreased plant diversity, and interference with recreational uses (reviewed in DiTomaso et al. 2006). A number of conventional herbicides are highly effective in controlling yellow starthistle (DiTomaso et al. 2006, USFS …

Almond Ganoderma Butt Rot Spore Survey

Ganoderma butt rot has been an increasing problem in the almond industry. The disease has been responsible for trees falling over all throughout the Central Valley. Ganoderma butt rot is caused by wood decay fungi that can spread via spores in the air. In order to better focus our management efforts, researchers must conduct a spore survey that will help us determine the …

Synergy between Biotech and Classical Control Tactics Rid U.S. of Invasive Pest

Genetically engineered cotton and classical pest control tactics combined to rid the United States and Northern Mexico of a devastating pest, according to a new study by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and University of Arizona (UofA) scientists published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. For most of the past century, the pink bollworm was the major cotton pest …

COVID-19 Impact on the Almond Industry & Future Prospects

Many have heard initial projections as to how COVID-19 might impact the California almond industry, especially at such a critical time with growers expecting their largest crop ever this year. But how has the market actually been impacted up to this point?  And are evolving consumer habits beneficial to this growing industry?  Watch this brief interview with Emily Fleischmann from the Almond …

Navel Orangeworm Winter Sanitation Considerations

Winter sanitation is a critical step in your Navel Orangeworm IPM programs. But when should you start and is it enough just to shake those mummy nuts off of the trees? Watch this interview with Bob Klein from the California Pistachio Research Board as he shares some key insights growers should consider when approaching winter sanitation and read about it …

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