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New Grapevine Rootstock Characteristics & Availability

The University of California grapevine breeding program has recently come out with some exciting new rootstocks with great characteristics the better manage pests, diseases, and even drought conditions. Watch this brief interview with UCCE Viticulture Advisor Karl Lund, as he shares what what growers should know about some of the specific traits and availability of these rootstocks. Read more in …

Shopper Research Data Shows Increased Purchase of Fresh Grapes

Findings from a recent consumer research study that gathered insights on purchase, consumption, and shopping behaviors among U.S. primary shoppers ages 25 to 73 were released today by the California Table Grape Commission. Among the key findings:   46% of primary shoppers consider fresh grapes to be a staple in their household, increased from 32% in 2019. Another 35% report that grapes …

Nearly 70% of Essential Sonoma Co. Ag Workers Vaccinated

As efforts to vaccinate essential agricultural and production workers struggle to proceed throughout California and the nation, Sonoma County’s farmers, vintners and health communities have been successfully partnering to get thousands of COVID-19 vaccination doses to these essential workers throughout the region. Now entering its 5th week of operation, the program has already vaccinated and scheduled vaccination appointments for more …

2020 CA Preliminary Grape Crush Report

The 2020 crush totaled 3,542,038 tons, down 13.9% from the 2019 crush of 4,115,413 tons. A crushing disappointment for the industry, this represents the lowest tonnage and some of the lowest prices growers have experienced in the last decade.  Red wine varieties accounted for the largest share of all grapes crushed, at 1,813,964 tons, down 15.9% from 2019. White wine varieties crushed …

What Growers Need to Know about Sudden Grapevine Collapse

Sudden Vine Collapse is a disease complex that has become a lot more widespread across California than was previously thought. First coined by growers as Mystery Vine Collapse, researchers now have some answers.  Watch this brief interview with UC Davis Plant Pathologist Akif Eskalen to find out more and read about it in American Vineyard Magazine.   Please thank this …

Vineyards Serve as Ideal Groundwater Recharging Sites

As Californians are concerned about heading into another drought, grape growers may be able to assist in replenishing our depleting groundwater supplies during these stormy months.  Watch this brief interview with William Horwath from UC Davis and read more about it in American Vineyard Magazine.   Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

CA Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance Certification Report Shows Continued Growth

Marking a decade since the launch of Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing and nearly two decades since the release of the 1st Edition California Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Workbook (the Code), the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA) issued the 2020 Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing Annual Report and published the 4th Edition California Code of Sustainable Winegrowing containing over 200 best practices. …

Vitamin K and Flavonoids Found in Fresh Grapes are Essential

A recent study published in the scientific journal Clinical Infectious Diseases found that a lack of adequate vitamin K levels was associated with poor outcomes in COVID-19 patients. The researchers identified an increased need for vitamin K during a COVID-19 illness and noted that depletion or deficiency of vitamin K can have devastating consequences in the lungs. Vitamin K, a nutrient …

New Grant Cycle Opens To Fund Farmer Veterans

One piece of equipment changed it all. Ben Martin of Forest Grove, Oregon, served in the Marine Corps. After returning home from war, he pursued a career in winemaking.Ben credits a grant from Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) for making the difference in his budding wine business early on. Back in 2015, FVC awarded Ben the supplies needed to bottle his first vintage …

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