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New Study Reveals Blueberry Growers Strengthen U.S. Economy by the Billions

Growers of U.S. highbush blueberries generate more than $4.7 billion in annual economic impact, translating to more than $12.7 million flowing into the U.S. economy every day of the year. “The U.S. highbush blueberry industry – including 12,739 blueberry farms – is a powerful financial force,” said Kasey Cronquist, president of the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council (USHBC). “Behind every farm …

Freeze-Dried Strawberries & Ice Cream Make for a Very Stable Relationship

ARS researchers have shown some freeze-dried berry powders—especially freeze-dried strawberry powder—can act as outstanding stabilizers in ice cream and other frozen dairy desserts. Freeze-dried strawberry powder is so effective a stabilizer that frozen dairy desserts with it included will maintain their shape even after reaching room temperature, according to Agricultural Research Service (ARS) research food technologist Cristina Bilbao-Sainz with the Healthy …

Philippine Market Opens to US Fresh Blueberries

On May 24, 2020, the Philippines will formally open its market to U.S. fresh highbush blueberries. Since the United States is the only country with official access to the Philippine market, U.S. suppliers are poised to take advantage of the opportunity to supply the Philippine retail and food service sectors. Traders estimate sales of U.S. fresh blueberries could reach $500,000 …

2020 Strawberry Market Outlook with Rabobank

Strawberry planted acreage in California is up YOY in 2020 from its lowest level in almost 15 years, and increased plantings in the Santa Maria producing region continue. Florida’s acreage remains flat, while strawberry plantings in Mexico continue to expand. Updated estimates, based on our proprietary analytical tool, show that weekly strawberry shipments will increase in 2020, especially during California …

USDA-APHIS Impact Report: Protecting 900 Million Acres of Farmland

The USDA seal includes the inscription “Agriculture is the foundation of manufacturing and commerce.” It’s fair to say that it is also the foundation of a stable and caring society because agriculture feeds and clothes the people. For nearly 50 years, it’s been the job of APHIS to protect American agriculture’s ability to feed and clothe the world by keeping …

U.S. Dept of Labor Investigation of Blueberry Grower Munger Bros. Results in $3.5 Million in Back Wages, Penalties

After an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD), Delano, California-based blueberry grower Munger Bros. LLC and two related companies will pay $2.5 million in back wages to approximately 3,000 workers to resolve violations of the H-2A visa program and the Migrant and Seasonal Worker Protection Act (MSPA). Munger Bros. and the two related companies …

California Fresh Fruit Association Hires New Director of Member Services and Communications

Fresno, California – The California Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA) today announced the hiring of Courtney Razor as its new Director of Member Services and Communications. Mrs. Razor comes to the Association after serving as the Chief Operations Officer for the Fresno County Farm Bureau for the last six and a half years. In her role at the Fresno County Farm Bureau, Mrs. Razor managed …

Tulare County Crop Report (Week Ending August 24, 2019)

Tulare County Crop Status

Small Grains, Other Field Crops: Cotton fields are in full bloom and bolls are filling. Alfalfa hay continues to be cut and baled. Corn for silage and related summer row crops are being harvested, and land is being fertilized in preparation for the next crop. Dried beans are being shipped to Southern California. Black-eyed beans are maturing and drying in fields. Deciduous …

Tulare County Crop Report ( Week Ending: August 17, 2019)

Tulare County Crop Status

Small Grains, Other Field Crops: Cotton fields are in full bloom and bolls are filling. Alfalfa continues to be cut and baled with some fields on their third cutting. Corn for silage is being cut. Processed horse feed is being exported to Japan. Deciduous Tree Fruits, Nuts, And Grapes: Mature stone fruit continues to be harvested. Peaches are being exported to …

Tulare County Crop Report (For the week ending July 27, 2019)

Tulare County Crop Status

Small Grains, Other Field Crops: Corn for silage continues to mature. Black-eyed beans are sizing up, and the pods are beginning to dry. Cotton continues to be irrigated and cultivated. Alfalfa continues to be cut and baled. Deciduous Tree Fruits, Nuts, And Grapes: The stone fruit season continues on. Peaches are being exported to Brazil, Taiwan, Canada,Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, …

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