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$8 Million for Navel Orangeworm Sterile Insect Program

The U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee recently released an appropriations bill that included $8 million for the facility in Phoenix, AZ that is currently being used to rear sterile navel orangeworm (NOW) for aerial release in California. The facility is part of an area-wide pilot program that the pistachio and almond industries have been interested in developing. For 2020, …

New Traps Cut Off Citrus Greening Pests from Hiding Places

Researchers across the nation are struggling to end the scourge of citrus greening disease, also known as huanglongbing. The disease renders citrus fruit inedible and eventually kills entire orchards. In Florida alone, from 2012-2016 the disease caused production losses of $4.4 billion and eliminated about 7,900 jobs. With economic impact like that, it’s no wonder that previous citrus greening research …

Nitrogen-Efficient Fertilizer Research Could Have Lasting Impact

The world’s population will continue to grow, but the amount of arable land to feed that population will not. “So people will continue to add more fertilizers to grow more crops in the same areas,” says Jonas Baltrusaitis, an associate professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering in Lehigh University’s P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science, and a recipient of the 2020 …

Current Status of CA Groundwater Sustainability Agencies – Deadline Approaching

The California State Water Resources Control Board is getting ready to crack down on farmers for their increased use of groundwater unless their local Groundwater Sustainability Agencies can come up with a sustainable plan that will not overdraft local groundwater resources.  Watch this brief interview with Taryn Ravazzini from the California Department of Water Resources as she shares a progress …

Straus Family Creamery Unveils Organic Barista Milk for Culinary Professionals

The first-of-its-kind product with higher fat content delivers a creamy, indulgent organic milk experience from pasture-fed dairy cows Straus Family Creamery introduces its Organic Extra Rich Barista® Milk for specialty coffee and tea industry professionals who care as much about the origin of their dairy as they do their coffee beans and tea leaves. The Extra Rich milk makes its …

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