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Drought Impact on Almonds in the Sacramento Valley

Growers in the San Joaquin Valley are not alone in dealing with the harsh impacts of drought.  The Sacramento Valley has been hit pretty hard as well, and almond growers are concerned with how this will affect the quality of their crop over the next few years. Watch this brief interview with UCCE Orchard Systems Advisor Luke Milliron as he …

Options for Raisin Growers to Navigate Labor Challenges

While innovations in vineyard mechanization have come a long way, labor challenges still prevail in the California raisin industry — and those issues have been amplified since the pandemic.  Watch this brief interview with UCCE Viticulture Farm Advisor George Zhuang as he shares what labor-saving options growers have to stay in the game.  Read more about it in American Vineyard …

Malcolm Media Launches A Grower’s Story with UPL Support

“On behalf of Malcolm Media and our partners at UPL, I am very excited to announce the realization of an initiative that has been in the planning stages to serve grape and nut growers for a long time,” shares Dan Malcolm, Publisher of American Vineyard and Pacific Nut Producer Magazines. What started as a school video project inspired Malcolm Media to …

American Pistachio Growers Ramps Up Marketing Efforts Ahead of Industry Growth

As the US Pistachio industry continues to ramp up in production, global marketing efforts have never been more critical to keep demand ahead of supply. Watch this brief interview with Judy Hirigoyen from American Pistachio Growers as she shares how American Pistachio Growers is leading the charge. Please thank this video’s sponsor Trece for their industry support.

Pistachio Conference Attendance Shatters Record, as is Likely for the 2022 Crop

American Pistachio Growers gathered in record numbers recently for their annual conference in Carlsbad, CA. Watch this brief interview with Richard Matoian, President of American Pistachio Growers as he shares highlights, and how the record attendance is also a reflection of the growth of the industry and new heights in pistachio acreage and production being reached. Please thank this video’s …

West Coast Smoke Exposure Task Force Seeks to More Clearly Define Smoke Taint in Wine Grapes

Where there’s drought, there’s fire, and where there’s fire, there’s smoke.  This is a major concern for wine grape growers in the drought-stricken west this year.  Evacuations, power outages and smoke taint have had a major impact on the wine industry at harvest-time in recent years, and not having an industry standard or threshold defining smoke taint can raise questions …

Nisei Farmers League Celebrates 50 Years, Honors 5 Growers

It’s a golden year for the Nisei Farmers League, and its members recently enjoyed their 50 year anniversary celebration.  The celebratory dinner in Fresno featured this special video presentation that included reflections from some of the league’s membership on 50 years, as well as interviews with its Agriculturalist of the Year honorees.  Watch this special video, featuring the five Central …

California Final Grape Crush Report Reveals Higher Tonnage

The 2021 crush totaled 3,877,584 tons, up 9.2% from the 2020 crush of 3,551,312 tons — revealing that the preliminary report was off by about 18,743 tons. Red wine varieties accounted for the largest share of all grapes crushed, at 2,031,242 tons, up 11.5% from 2020. White wine varieties crushed totaled 1,600,508 tons, up 0.6% from 2020. Tons crushed of raisin type …

Almond Board Increases Market Investment in India by 80%

India has quickly become the number one export market for the California almond industry, and the Almond Board has increased its marketing investment there by 80%.  Watch this brief interview with Emily Fleischmann from the Almond Board of California, as she shares details about their strategic partnerships there and how these funds are being used to drive demand. Read more about …

Getting California Almond Hulls into China’s Animal Feed Market

The trade dispute with China has proved challenging for tree nut exports into China, but the California almond industry has even more to provide the Chinese market — almond hulls.  Almond hulls have long been used on California dairies, but the potential to reach China’s animal feed market brings promising opportunity and value for this byproduct. Watch this brief interview …

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