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California Raisin Marketing Board Gets Shut Down

Just last month, a vote passed to shut down the California Raisin Marketing Board. But what of generic California raisin marketing and the iconic dancing raisins? Watch this brief interview with Dwayne Cardoza from the Raisin Bargaining Association and read more about it in American Vineyard Magazine. Please thank this video’s sponsor Vmech for their industry support.

Almond International Trade Barriers & the Biden Administration

What is the current status of the international trade war impact on almonds and what changes can we anticipate in the foreseeable future? Watch this brief video with Julie Adams from the Almond Board of California and read more about it in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. Please thank this video’s sponsor Suterra for their industry support.

Aflatoxin in Almonds: How are we Doing?

In addition to the temporary effects of port congestion, COVID-19 and international trade wars, aflatoxin inspections and rejections have been a longer term issue and limiting factor for our almond industry exports. Julie Adams provided an update at the recent Almond Alliance Convention on how the industry is doing in keeping aflatoxin levels down to a minimum in their orchard …

A Plea for Farmer Engagement and Government Support of California GSAs

As farmers face drought conditions once again this summer, local Groundwater Sustainability Agencies are still working on the planning and implementation of their Groundwater Sustainability Plans. Watch this brief video with Patricia Poire, Executive Director of the Kern Groundwater Authority, as she shares concerns and needs for both farmer and government support to meet the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) …

CA Farmland Trust & Almond Growers Create Greenbelt, Protect Farmland in San Joaquin County

Following their brother’s stewardship lead, Tom Murphy and Chester Murphy have protected 72 acres of farmland destined to be developed in San Joaquin County. Combined with their brother Bill, the Murphy family now has collectively created a 200-acre greenbelt in the area of Farmington, California, east of Stockton. “Highway 4 is a major east-west artery connecting the Bay Area to …

Preparing Almond Growers for Another Drought

Drought is a serious concern for farmers this year, and in this interview with Daren Williams from the Almond Board of California, he shares some complimentary resources from the Almond Board to help growers weather another dry year, as well as some other insights. Watch this brief video with Daren and read more about it in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. …

What the Farm Workforce Modernization Act Means for Farmers

While it has seemed impossible to get anything done at the national level regarding ag labor reform, Sara Neagu-Reed from the federal policy Division of the California Farm Bureau Federation shares in an interview with California Ag Network that hope is on the horizon with the progress of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act. Watch this brief video with Sara as she explains …

Almond Market Update Highlights New Records & Opportunities

Despite international tariffs, port disruptions and a global pandemic, the California almond industry continues to produce and ship record-setting crops.  Watch this brief video with Richard Waycott as he shares this year’s to-date trends on shipments and what can be expected of orchard production this year.  Read more about it in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. Please thank this video’s sponsor Trece for …

Ren Harris of Paradigm Winery Named Napa Valley Grower of the Year

Oakville grape grower and Napa Valley Grapegrowers founder, Ren Harris, has been named the 2021 Napa Valley Grower of the Year. Harris began his farming career in the late 1960s, moving from San Francisco with his wife, Napa Valley native, Marilyn Pelissa.  They purchased a prune orchard in Oakville, CA, where Harris began working odd jobs for family and friends, …

Transitioning to High-Density, Mechanically Harvested Table Olive Acreage

California’s table olive industry is over 100-year-old, and it is currently undergoing transformation to mechanically harvestable acreage similar to almond, walnut, prune, pistachio, and other tree crops. The modern acreage configuration for table olives provides multiple benefits including increased tree count, efficient irrigation methods, mechanically adapted spacings, and a uniform tree structure. While traditional olive acreage is typically planted 60 …

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