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Whole Orchard Recycling and Its Impact on Future Plantings

Whole orchard recycling is really catching more interest among farmers recently, particularly in the almond industry; and leading the charge in the research/outreach of this practice is UC Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor Brent Holtz.  Watch this brief interview with Brent as he discusses benefits and considerations for implementing this practice in the orchard; and read more about it in Pacific …

New Grapevine Rootstock Characteristics & Availability

The University of California grapevine breeding program has recently come out with some exciting new rootstocks with great characteristics the better manage pests, diseases, and even drought conditions. Watch this brief interview with UCCE Viticulture Advisor Karl Lund, as he shares what what growers should know about some of the specific traits and availability of these rootstocks. Read more in …

How US Pistachio Shipments are Keeping Up After Record Crop

After bringing in a record billion pound pistachio crop amidst a global pandemic and a continued international trade dispute, growers may be concerned about the global market for pistachios and whether shipments are keeping up with the increased supply.  Watch this brief interview with Richard Matoian, President of American Pistachio Growers, as he shares some optimism in that regard, and …

CA Utilized Vegetable Production Value Shows Slight Decline

The value of California’s 2020 utilized vegetable production dropped 0.9% to $7.68 billion compared to 2019’s value of $7.74 billion according to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, Pacific Regional Field Office. Despite the decrease in state’s overall total value of utilized production, crops showing an increase included broccoli, cantaloupe, lettuce of all types, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes. California fresh market and …

ITC Deems Foreign Imported Blueberries Not a Threat to Domestic Production

Blueberry growers were disappointed in US International Trade Commission’s ruling today, not seeing the threat of rising imported foreign-grown blueberries to domestic growers.  The American Blueberry Growers Alliance (ABGA) released the following statement regarding the outcome of the ITC’s global safeguard investigation into imports of fresh, chilled or frozen blueberries: “The American Blueberry Growers Alliance (ABGA) is disappointed with the …

2020 CA Preliminary Grape Crush Report

The 2020 crush totaled 3,542,038 tons, down 13.9% from the 2019 crush of 4,115,413 tons. A crushing disappointment for the industry, this represents the lowest tonnage and some of the lowest prices growers have experienced in the last decade.  Red wine varieties accounted for the largest share of all grapes crushed, at 1,813,964 tons, down 15.9% from 2019. White wine varieties crushed …

How to Prevent Crown Gall in the Orchard

Keep getting crown gall in the orchard? Watch this brief interview with Kern County Area Orchard Systems Advisor Mohammad Yaghmour as shares a few simple steps on how to effectively prevent this detrimental infection.  Read more in Pacific Nut Producer and California Fresh Fruit Magazines. Please thank this video’s sponsor Trece for their industry support.

What Growers Need to Know about Sudden Grapevine Collapse

Sudden Vine Collapse is a disease complex that has become a lot more widespread across California than was previously thought. First coined by growers as Mystery Vine Collapse, researchers now have some answers.  Watch this brief interview with UC Davis Plant Pathologist Akif Eskalen to find out more and read about it in American Vineyard Magazine.   Please thank this …

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