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Raisin Bargaining Association Makes New Raisin Price Offer

As raisin growers begin to prepare for a new season, most are still uncertain as to what their returns will be for their labors in bringing in the 2020 raisin crop.  There is a lot of uncertainty during these unprecedented times, and with their livelihoods in limbo from year to year due to delayed price agreements between the the Raisin …

Managing Phytophthora Diseases in Almond: Aerial, Root & Crown Rot

There are three ways Phytophthora can injure an almond tree. Watch this brief interview with Kern County Area Orchard Systems Advisor Mohammad Yaghmour as he helps growers identify and manage Aerial Phytophthora, Root & Crown Rot.  Read more about it in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. Please thank this video’s sponsor Trece for their industry support.

A New Microscopic Almond Pest of Concern

Another pest in almonds? Just what we needed, right? Only this one you can’t see.  Almond growers have been dealing with nematodes for a long time; however, the peach root knot nematode is new to California almond orchards.  Watch this brief interview with UC Riverside Nematologist Andreas Westphal as he explains and read more about it in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. …

Ganoderma: Why Are My Almond Trees Falling Over?

Almond trees are collapsing all over the California, and it’s not just an old age thing anymore. If you are experiencing this in your orchard, your trees may have Ganoderma Heart Rot. Watch this brief interview with UCCE Nut Crops Advisor Mae Culumber as she explains, based on her recent presentation at the Grape, Nut & Tree Fruit Expo. Please …

Potassium Nutrient Management in Almonds & Pistachios

So how much potassium does an almond or pistachio orchard need? How and when should it be applied? Watch this brief interview with UCCE Orchard Systems Advisor Phoebe Gordon as she shares some facts and considerations for growers to maintain a healthy orchard and prevent potassium deficiencies. Read more about best practices for orchard management in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. …

Walnut Prices: What Growers Can Expect in the Near Future

California walnut growers are not happy with current global market trends for their industry.  How long will the market remain in a slump? Will prices ever return to the record highs of 2014? Watch this brief interview with Jon Field, General Manager of the Walnut Bargaining Association, as he shares his projections for the future of the industry, based on …

New Almond Board Programs Assist Growers with Pollination

As almond pollination costs have gone up in recent years, the Almond Board of California has engaged in studies to help growers reduce costs and developed strategic partnerships with other organizations to provide some new services that almond growers should take advantage of.  Watch this brief interview with Josette Lewis from the Almond Board as she explains and read more about …

USDA Dairy Roundtable Delivers Record Exports to Indonesia

The USDA-sponsored “U.S.–Indonesia Dairy Roundtable” event, held in Jakarta on September 30, 2019, has delivered record results for U.S. dairy exports. In the year since the seminal event concluded, U.S. exports of dairy products to Indonesia surged to more than 160,000 metric tons, valued at more than $346 million. Moreover, U.S. market share of Indonesia’s nearly $1.4 billion dairy import …

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