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New Tool for More Accurately Predicting Vineyard Crop Yield

There are so many factors that influence crop yield from year to year and variability across vineyard blocks, making it quite difficult to predict crop size.  But what if you could get a good idea of next year’s crop yields before the season even starts?  Watch this brief interview with Luca Brillante from the Dept. of Viticulture & Enology at …

Irrigating Pistachios in Marginal Saline Soils

With record acreage of pistachios being planted in the San Joaquin Valley, some of these orchards are being planted in areas where pistachios have never grown before.  They are being planted in marginal soils with saline or sodic issues; and although pistachios have greater tolerance for these kinds of soils than almonds, they are are not invincible.  Where do you …

BASF Corrects Misconceptions about Ag & Engages in Community Education

In today’s fast paced urban society, there is a serious disconnect between consumers and the source of their food.  There is so much public misinformation and misconceptions about agriculture, that it has become more critical for farmers to reach out side of their comfort zone and communities to share the truth about what they do out in the field.  International …

First Genome of Spotted Lanternfly Built from a Single Insect

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists, in cooperation with Pacific Biosciences and Penn State University, have published the first genome of the invasive Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) in the journal Gigascience and they did it from a single caught-in-the-wild specimen. Not only is it the first published genome for this pest, but no closely related species has had its genome sequenced, making the data even more important, …

UC Davis’ Kaan Kurtural Shares Advancements in Precision Viticulture

It used to be that growers had few if any options in bring uniformity to a vineyard with so much variability in soil type among other geographical characteristics.  There have been so many recent developments and technological advances in plant and soil sensing equipment that has taken precision viticulture to a whole new level.  Watch this brief interview with UC …

Spur Pruning Pinot Noir Vineyards Without Losing Crop Yield

An increasing tight labor supply has compelled grape growers to turn to mechanization, and spur pruning grapevines can save growers a lot of money over cane pruning; however, there has been a belief in the industry that spur pruning Pinot Noir vineyards leads to reduced yields in comparison.  Watch this brief interview with Patty Skinkis from Oregon State University as …

Western Growers Board Selects Dave Puglia as Next President and CEO

The Western Growers Board of Directors has unanimously selected Dave Puglia as the organization’s next President and Chief Executive Officer. Puglia will succeed current President and CEO Tom Nassif, who is retiring after 18 years as a forceful and effective leader in the nation’s agriculture industry, on February 1, 2020. “Fifteen years ago, Dave came to Western Growers with an …

California Table Grape Commission Adds New Marketing Director

Fresno, CA – Maria Montalvo is the new marketing director of retail and foodservice promotion for the California Table Grape Commission. Montalvo’s responsibilities include leading the in-store promotion initiatives and communication strategies needed to help move California table grapes through the U.S. and Canadian markets. “We are very excited Maria has joined the team,” said Kathleen Nave, president of the …

Clarification of New Farm Water Testing Requirements Under FSMA

For those agricultural commodities that are subject to the new Produce Safety Rule under the Food Safety Modernization Act, water testing will be a key component in this adjustment.  In some cases, these water testing requirements may include more than just what you are irrigating the crop with.  Watch this brief interview with Tom Jones from the Safe Food Alliance …

Normal Volume Projected for CA Table Grape Crop, Supplies into January

The California Table Grape Commission recently assessed crop volume and projected a final total of 109 million 19-pound boxes with shipments continuing into January. With 40 to 50 percent of the California table grape crop typically shipping after October 1, Kathleen Nave, president of the commission, notes that grapes are very definitely a fall and early winter fruit. “Grapes from …

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