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California Prune Growers Suffer the Brunt

California prune growers forced economically to make a 23% reduction in crop deliveries have also suffered a 28% reduction in price. This hardship comes in spite of a number of positive factors for the industry including $50 million in USDA purchases of prunes and positive results from trade mitigation offsets and industry promotion efforts in Japan and elsewhere. Growers reviewed …

Pest Colonizes Grape Vines, Forms Tumors, Repels other Predators

Following a decade-long effort, scientists have mapped out the genome of an aphid-like pest capable of decimating vineyards. In so doing, they have discovered how it spreads — and potentially how to stop it. The research team’s work on the genome was published this past week in a BMC Biology paper. In it, they identified nearly 3,000 genes enabling the …

Judge Denies Stop QIP’s Chapter 3.5 Petition for a Referendum

Judge Aspinwall denied Stop QIP’s Chapter 3.5 petition for a referendum, claiming it to be “legally defective.” Last month, a hearing was held to review Stop QIP’s petition to suspend Chapter 3.5 of the California Food and Agriculture Code. The hearing was presided over by an Administrative Law Judge, and the question being considered was whether or not a referendum …


One of the state’s leading experts on the role of animal agriculture in climate change today urged legislators to oppose Assembly Bill 2959, legislation that would result in more food waste ending up in the state’s landfills. University of California, Davis Professor Dr. Frank Mitloehner, who has received awards from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Distinguished Service …

Diamond of California® Debuts Their First-Ever Snack Walnuts Line

Diamond of California®, the century-old producer of “Made for Homemade” specialty nuts, announces today the launch of its newest innovation, ready-to-eat Snack Walnuts. Available now in-stores nationwide, Diamond of California® Snack Walnuts are a satisfying superfood snack that respects the goodness of walnuts. Each walnut is naturally processed to remove bitterness, roasted, simply seasoned, and packaged in a ready-to-eat resealable …

ASEV Awards 50 North American Students With $107,500 in Scholarships

The American Society for Enology and Viticulture (ASEV) selected 50 scholarship recipients to receive $107,500 in financial support in their pursuit of scientific research and advancement in enology or viticulture. Two of the scholarship recipients, Rachel Allison (Enology) from Cornell University, New York, and Jaclyn Fiola (Viticulture) from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, received the ASEV Presidents’ Award for Scholarship in …

Raisin Bargaining Association Sliding Scale Price Offer for the 2020 Raisin Crop

On July 27th, the Raisin Bargaining Association’s Board of Directors offered their Signatory Packers a sliding scale fixed price of $1500-$1900/ton (depending on crop size) for the 2020 Natural Seedless Raisin Crop. The Raisin Bargaining Board of Directors has also offered our Signatory Packers a fixed price of $2500/ton for the 2020 Zante Currant crop. The Board of Directors is …

Ciatti Co Expects Average to Slightly Below Average CA Wine Crop

Ciatti Global Market Report —Activity on California’s bulk market has slowed since the initial March and April uptick but is still moving forward at a better pace than this time last year, assisted by the continued increase in consumer demand for wine in the US off-trade. Nielsen data shows wine’s off-trade dollar sales growth – year-on-year – at 18-24% each …

CDFA Qualifies Dairy Families’ QIP Sunset Plan Petition

United Dairy Families of California —Today, the industry-generated petition to implement a sunset plan to the QIP was qualified by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). The petition qualified with 28% of the number of Market Milk producers operating in California in May 2020. CDFA anticipates holding a Producer Review Board meeting in August followed by a public hearing to …

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