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Benito Varela Appointed CEO of GroNatural, Inc. dba GroPro


GroPro is thrilled to announce a big change in it’s leadership team: Benito Varela, previously our COO, has now been promoted to CEO of GroNatural, Inc. dba GroPro.

GroPro Corp. is a commercial manufacturer of biopesticides, biostimulants, and biofertilizers and a research and development (R&D) organization. GroPro offers various products across the crop cycle for vital crops like tree nuts, soybeans, corn, wheat, bananas, coffee, and fruits and vegetables. Its natural bio products demonstrate field efficacy, extended shelf life, versatility at tank mix, no field re-entry restrictions, and zero residues.

This promotion marks a significant milestone in our journey. Benito Varela’s illustrious 35-year career is a testament to his exceptional abilities and unwavering dedication. He is a global industry leader with experience across various geographies and functions; he embodies strategic vision, sales, and management expertise, and he has a proven track record that our company values.

“I am excited to step into the role of CEO, GroNatural, Inc. dba GroPro. Over my 35-year career, I have worked across multiple geographies and functions, gaining invaluable experience and expertise. My journey has equipped me with a strategic vision, sales, and management prowess, and a proven track record of success that I am eager to bring to GroNatural, Inc. dba GroPro.” – commented Benito Varela.

Benito’s key professional achievements include:

-Staggering Revenue Growth: Under Benito’s leadership, he transformed Dow Chemicals’ Seed business in Brazil, tripling its revenue and EBIT within four years.
-Global Leadership: Benito spearheaded major projects, including a seamless divestiture, culminating in a $1.1B transaction over 18 months. His leadership fostered top-performing teams through cultural transformations, achieving double-digit gains.
-Dynamic Visionary: As a leader of the Six Sigma cohort at Dow AgroSciences, Benito consistently delivered transformative results in challenging missions.
-Strategic Innovator: He successfully launched biotechnology products and enhanced commercial operations across Latin and South America using Six Sigma principles.
-Expansive Network: Benito’s extensive international network of industry professionals, accumulated during 26 years of global exposure, will be invaluable in driving GroPro’s market expansion.

Benito’s appointment is a significant milestone for our company and a tremendous support for our investors and board members. His strategic vision, exceptional leadership, and proven track record will ensure sustainable growth and maximize shareholder value, reinforcing the confidence and trust placed in GroPro’s future. His dynamic leadership and strategic insight assure us that GroNatural, Inc. dba GroPro will continue to flourish and exceed expectations.
More Info: GroProAg.com

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