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CA Dry Bean Advisory Board Accepting Research Proposals for 2024

The California Dry Bean Advisory Board (CDBAB) is requesting applied research proposals for 2024. This commodity-based research request is sponsored by the California Dry Bean Marketing Order, under the guidance of CDFA (CA Dept Food & Ag). The Board has supported applied research by university programs for many years.

Please find the grant application as well as a list of the 2024 applied research priorities developed by the CDBAB. The Board is particularly interested in pest management projects to address weeds and insects. Funding is for one year. Proposals for projects extending beyond one year must be re-submitted each year.

Due to limited research funding, proposals that demonstrate cost sharing are encouraged. Although, there is some flexibility in the budget below, the total amount of funding available for 2024 is as follows:

Board: $55,000

Baby lima council: $7,500

Blackeye council: $10,480

Garbanzo council: $7,500

Large lima council: $0

Common bean council: $0

Total: $80,480

For current information on dry bean production in California as well as past reports funded by the board, see the Dry Bean webpage on the Agronomy Research and Information Center. You can search and view previously funded research reports from the online database.

Please share this call for proposals with colleagues and others who might be interested in dry bean research. Proposals are due by Friday, February 10, 2023. Progress reports for projects funded by the CDBAB in 2022 will also be due Friday, February 10, 2023. See an example progress report.

Those who submit proposals should be prepared to give a brief presentation to the Board at their first meeting of the year, which usually occurs in early March. Funding decisions are communicated shortly thereafter by Board Manager, Nathan Sano.

To submit 2024 proposals and 2023 final reports electronically, please email Nick Clark (neclark@ucanr.edu). With questions about this funding opportunity, email either Nick Clark or Michelle Leinfelder-Miles (mmleinfeldermiles@ucanr.edu). Nick and Michelle are UC ANR co-liaisons to the CDBAB.

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