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Video Released on Nitrogen Management in California Processing Tomatoes

Efficient nitrogen fertilization management for all irrigated crops is gaining much attention as the Irrigated Lands Programs in the Central Valley and Central Coast begin efforts to minimize nitrate movement past the root zone of fruits, nuts and vegetables. The first in a series of seven educational videos on nitrogen fertilizer management is now available online. The video series is funded through a grant to CURES by the Fertilizer Research and Education Program (FREP) at the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

“The 4Rs of Nitrogen Management in Processing Tomatoes” features Zheng Wang, Vegetable Crops Advisor with the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE). Dr. Wang explains in the 30-minute video the current knowledge about efficient management of nitrogen in processing tomatoes by following the 4Rs: Right Rate, Time, Place and Product.

UCCE research supported by the California Tomato Research Institute shows that each ton of tomatoes requires approximately 4.6 pounds of nitrogen for efficient production. Nitrogen fertilizer injections into drip systems are best scheduled in the latter half of an irrigation set. Commercial and organic nitrogen fertilizers have varying levels of potential to move past the crop root zone. These and other agronomic and irrigation pointers are covered in the video, available in both English and Spanish. For those who want “just the facts,” 5-minute condensed versions of the video are also available.

Visit the BMP section of https://www.curesworks.org/nitrogen-management/ ; see Nitrogen Fertilizer 4R videos on canning tomatoes as well as walnuts. Coming soon in the CURES video series on the “4Rs of Nitrogen Management”: pistachios, almonds, citrus, high tonnage wine grapes, strawberries and lettuce. Sign up to be notified for all new video releases at www.curesworks.org “Contact Us.”

CURES was founded in 1997 to support educational efforts for agricultural and urban communities focusing on the proper and judicious use of pesticides and plant nutrients. Since its formation, the organization has focused its efforts on pesticide and nitrogen fertilizer stewardship and research projects, including studies on the effectiveness of management practices to minimize movement of farm inputs and sediment into surface and groundwater. A key goal is to implement educational programs, coordinate research and provide information and professional expertise to users and applicators of pesticides and nutrients to enhance and protect the environment, as well as public and worker health and safety. All its projects are implemented either by CURES staff or through partnerships with organizations such as commodity groups, water quality coalitions, private companies and the University of California.

For more information, contact Parry Klassen at 559-288-8125 or klassenparry@gmail.com or visit CURES website at www.curesworks.org.

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