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CAWG-Sponsored Groundwater Recharge Legislation Sent to Governor

This week, SB 659 (Ashby, D-Sacramento), which is co-sponsored by the California Association of Winegrape Growers (CAWG), cleared its final legislative hurdle and was sent to Governor Newsom for consideration. SB 659, The California Water Supply Solutions Act of 2023, puts California on a path to develop additional groundwater recharge opportunities that increase the recharge of the state’s groundwater basins.

“SB 659 represents the most significant effort since creation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act in 2014, in emphasizing the supply side of managing groundwater,” said Natalie Collins, President of CAWG. “CAWG thanks Senator Angelique Ashby for her leadership in authoring this bill. We also thank our co-sponsor Regional Water Authority in Sacramento for partnering with CAWG on this important legislation.”

SB 659 would give the Newsom Administration the needed authority to implement long-term strategies (regulations, funding, etc.) to ensure that addressing the impacts of climate change are a key component in securing a reliable source of WATER FOR ALL of California. This bill will lead toward a meaningful increase in the amount of groundwater recharged and help to take advantage of the state’s vast groundwater storage capacity.

Senator Ashby said, “Groundwater recharge projects provide multiple benefits, such as reducing flood risk, storing water for future droughts, maintaining agricultural productivity and domestic water use, improving management for environmental flows, and sustaining groundwater dependent ecosystems.”

Due to the impact of climate change, it has become imperative that we capture stormwater and substantially accelerate our groundwater recharge efforts. That is why a meaningful coalition of 52 organizations representing the agricultural industry, builders, water agencies, local agencies, and environmental organizations are all in support of SB 659.

Newsom has until October 14 to act on SB 659.

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