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Rooted in Science: How GroPro Fulfills Its R&D Strategy


GroPro Corp., a leading agri-biotech company, leverages a unique blend of natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology to develop highly efficient bioproducts. As a commercial manufacturer of bio-pesticides, bio-stimulants, and bio-fertilizers, as well as a research and development (R&D) organization of international repute, GroPro is dedicated to continuous improvement and the evolution of its manufacturing and R&D strategies to better serve our existing and prospective customers. Our robust global R&D strategy for 2022-23 encompasses comprehensive data collection, extensive trials, rigorous research, and new product development.

Trials: Collaborations with Universities, Farmer Demonstrations

A critical component of GroPro’s R&D activities is the conduction of broad, two-tiered trials and demonstrations to gather empirical evidence of the effectiveness of our products.

On one hand, GroPro collaborates with independent third-party groups to conduct rigorous trials. We have multiple ongoing trials with renowned institutions like Washington State University, University of Florida, Clemson, North Dakota State, University of Idaho, Oregon State University, UC Davis, UC Cooperative Extension, and over a dozen independent research groups and additional international universities.These trials aim to delve into the art of using our products for various crops and the targeted control of diseases and insects. These trials span a broad geographical range, from coast to coast in the US to Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, UAE, Morocco, among others.

On the other hand, for demonstrations, GroPro focuses on working closely with key growers. This year alone, we are conducting over 70 demos across 20 different crops in the US. Our trials have provided valuable insights and led to beneficial partnerships with growers and distributors. For instance, GroPro has developed a complete fumigation replacement program addressing growers’ material shortages. Our products have proven highly effective in stimulating growth and controlling numerous nematodes. Moreover, our patented Vigilance Nematicide has shown great potential in combatting conventional nematicides. Through extensive trials, we’ve also confirmed that our Awakening material increases bee activity, pollination, yields, and ROI.

Technology as a Driving Force

GroPro has a range of materials at various R&D stages, guaranteeing continued support for years to come. “Rooted in science is the guiding principle of all company decisions. We focus on finding the optimal manufacturing and formulation process for all our lines,” says Benito Varela, COO of GroPro. Our patented AMPx technology elevates our products and formulations to a level competitive with conventional products.

Whether the focus is bacteria, fungi, viruses, botanicals, algae, or amino acids, or any combination thereof, our research team is dedicated to producing the purest and most potent products available in the market.

Increasing Resources for R&D

In support of its extensive R&D program, GroPro is expanding its resources. In 2022, we announced the enlargement of our storage, manufacturing, and packaging facilities in the USA. Our new Fresno, CA development facility of approximately 12,000 square feet replaces the previous 5,000 sq ft storage space in California. The new facilities encompass liquid bio-fertilizer manufacturing and storage, crop protection blending and bottling facilities, a warehouse, and a state-of-the-art research and development laboratory.

GroPro is on a mission to bridge the gap in effective non-chemical inputs, enabling farmers to lessen their chemical dependency without sacrificing yield, quality, or profitability. These expansions and our growing team empower GroPro’s R&D to develop more effective products that benefit distributors, dealers, and growers. In doing so, we strive to uphold our mission—leading the way in the global development, research, education, and adoption of agro-biotech solutions.

New Talent, Enhanced Expertise

GroPro is also investing in human resources, bringing new talent into our team to enhance our collective expertise. This includes scientists, researchers, and technicians, each bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to drive our mission forward. We believe that a diverse and skilled team will be the engine that propels our R&D to new heights, allowing us to offer more effective materials that benefit all stakeholders in the agricultural value chain.

Beyond R&D: Education and Adoption

Recognizing the value of knowledge dissemination and user adoption, GroPro is committed not only to pioneering research but also to sharing these advancements with the wider community. We collaborate with agricultural professionals, farmers, distributors, and academic institutions, hosting seminars, webinars, and on-ground events to share our research findings, discuss industry trends, and educate the market about the benefits and usage of our products. We are also fostering stronger relationships with industry bodies and regulatory agencies to ensure our products meet the highest safety and efficacy standards.

GroPro remains steadfast in its dedication to revolutionizing the agro-biotech market. Rooted in science, our approach to R&D is holistic, encompassing rigorous trials, innovative technology, expanding infrastructure, and a growing team of dedicated professionals. By ensuring that our R&D strategy remains robust, dynamic, and forward-thinking, we are able to provide our customers with products that not only challenge the status quo but also enhance agricultural productivity in an environmentally friendly way. We are excited to see where our R&D journey takes us, and we’re committed to leading the charge in the global development, research, education, and adoption of agro-biotech solutions.

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