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Growers No Longer Need Compromises with Fumigation and Nematicides with GroPro’s Vigilance


Worldwide growers face severe issues with the allocation of fumigants, reduced control from conventional nematicides, or bio and conventional-based nematicides that provide suppression or just don’t work. The damage done by nematodes to crops is devasting, leading to reduced uptake of nutrients, lower yields, or slower growth. The losses from nematodes exceed 10 billion USD annually. Unfortunately, there is no way of fixing a poor start when planting or getting back lost revenue regarding nematicide control.

Vigilance Nematicide is GroPro’s patented bio-nematicide, providing fumigation and in-field application control, and it’s a proven nematicide that has gone head-to-head in multiple fields and demo trials worldwide with both conventional and bio-based nematicides. These third-party trials and demos were performed on a wide range of crops, such as grapes, almonds, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, citrus, potatoes, plus others, all of which have shown superior efficacy against conventional and bio-based nematicides. The potato fumigation replacement trial showed an increase of over 11% in yield and an excellent nematode reduction compared to the grower standard fumigation program. This was accomplished with an increase in the number of ones and twos over the conventionally applied blocks while reducing damage to the tuber itself, allowing for a better marketable potato. The in-season applications to above-ground crops have increased root mass and decreased galling—root matter, especially when considering fertilizer absorption by the plants.

Vigilance ensures a long safe approach to your nematode program. Vigilance uses a patented formulation that delivers superior environmental and worker safety. Vigilance Nematicide works on penetrating the roots to support new fleshy root growth and deals with parasitic nematodes inside the root itself. Vigilance performs in soil nematode control by causing paralysis, destruction of the nematode eggs, GABA, reduced female fecundity, and death. These modes of action continue for months* allowing for a long-term active control time. This long-term activity is due to Vigilance being produced using GroPro’s patented AMPx technology. Vigilance is both a control and suppression material for nematodes allowing peace of mind for growers while delivering a safe impact to workers and the environment. Vigilance has no MRL restrictions, zero setback issues, zero plant back restrictions, and zero pre-harvest restrictions.

GroPro Corp., a leading agri-biotech company, combines unique natural ingredients and modern technologies to manufacture bioproducts (biological inputs) with enhanced efficacy. It is a commercial bio-pesticide, bio-stimulant, bio-fertilizer manufacturer and an R&D international organization. GoPro aims to close the gap in effective non-chemical inputs that enable farmers to reduce their reliance on chemicals without compromising agricultural yield, quality, or profitability.

GroPro’s approach entails proprietary technologies, including pharmaceutical-grade biotech manufacturing processes. It works relentlessly to innovate and lead the way in the worldwide development, research, education, and adoption of the agro-biotech market.

*When applied correctly

More info: groproag.com

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