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California Farmers Protest at the Capitol, Oct. 26

On October 26, 2022, the United California Farmers is having a rally at the state Capitol building starting at 8 AM. This rally is a protest designed to bring awareness to the water issues facing farmers and residents of the state. Water is a human need, and should not be a political issue.

It is important that all people join this rally in support of common-sense solutions to the state’s water problem. It is important that the elected officials hear from their constituents. It is also extremely important that the good citizens of the state show support for protecting the food supply. Growing quality safe food is critical to feeding the nation and world. This makes the food supply a national security concern.

There will be approximately two dozen speakers at this event. Farm groups, associated businesses, and trade groups will all be in attendance, as well as water experts. Please support and attend this event.

For more information please contact: Jasbir Sidhu
408-499-5535 jasbirsidhu@paggusa.com

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