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CA Ag Leadership Foundation Announces Brand Refresh

The California Agricultural Leadership Foundation (CALF), a nonprofit that operates the 52-year-old California Agricultural Leadership Program, today announced a comprehensive brand refresh and new logo.

“Ag Leadership prepares, inspires, serves and connects effective leaders with a committed passion for California agriculture,” CALF President and CEO Dwight Ferguson said. “We believe our brand refresh strongly reflects our mission of ‘Growing leaders who make a difference,’ along with our values of integrity, excellence and respect.”

The new logo preserves some key elements of the foundation’s two previous logos, such as the diamond shape and agricultural imagery. It also features new elements – color palette, typography, outlined diamond, extended row, and nickname and formal name – that give it a fresh, bold and modern look.

With the brand refresh, the foundation aims to raise the profile of its distinguished Ag Leadership Program, enhance alumni pride and engagement, inspire potential candidates to apply, engage and inspire sponsors and donors to invest, and increase media coverage.

“We are proud to have a new brand identity that underscores the long-standing reputation of Ag Leadership – dignified, enduring, respected, scholarly, exceptional, leading edge and trustworthy,” CALF Marketing and Communications Coordinator Meredith Rehrman Ritchie said. “Same powerful program and alumni network with a powerful refreshed brand.”

Foundation materials and digital platforms, including a redesigned website, will be updated in the coming weeks and months.

About California Agricultural Leadership Foundation

CALF operates the California Agricultural Leadership Program, an advanced leadership development experience for mid-career growers, farmers, ranchers or individuals working in other areas of California’s diverse agriculture industry. Ag Leadership is considered to be one of the premier leadership development programs in the United States. Since the program was first delivered in 1970, more than 1,300 men and women have participated in Ag Leadership. They have gone on to become influential leaders and active volunteers in agriculture, government, communities, business and education. The powerful connections and relationships forged among alumni serve to keep agriculture a viable and important part of our state’s economy.

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