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Westlands Water District Board of Directors Appoints Tree Nut Grower Jeff Fortune to Fill Board Vacancy

On Tuesday, March 15, the Westlands Water District Board of Directors appointed Jeff Fortune to fill the vacancy created when Director Todd Neves resigned last month. Mr. Fortune will serve through December 2022, when he will stand for election to fill the remainder of Director Neves’ term.

“Jeff Fortune has farmed in Westlands for more than four decades. The Board will benefit from his experience and perspective as the District navigates unprecedented drought, implementation of the sustainable groundwater management act, and many other challenges in the months and years ahead,” said Westlands’ Board President Ryan Ferguson.

Mr. Fortune, a third generation California farmer and the second generation Westlands farmer, is a “boots on the ground” farmer. Since his graduation from the University of California at Davis, he has worked alongside his father, and more recently, his two brothers, at their family farm, Fortune Farming Company. Mr. Fortune currently grows tomatoes, almonds, and pistachios on his family farm.

“I’m grateful for this opportunity to serve,” Mr. Fortune said after being appointed, “Instead of sitting back and watching our farms, farmers, and communities struggle, I am taking this opportunity to offer my experience and ideas to help this District remain a place where family farms like mine can not only continue to operate, but can once again thrive.”

About Westlands Water District

Westlands Water District is recognized as a world leader in agricultural water conservation and has served the farmers and rural communities on the west side of Fresno and Kings counties for more than five decades. As stewards of one of California’s most precious natural resources, Westlands continually invests in conservation, and champions farmers deploying innovative irrigation methods based on the best available technology.

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