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Westlands Water District Provides Families in Huron with Food for the Holidays

Yesterday, employees of Westlands Water District, along with Westside Family Preservation Services Network, were privileged to participate in a food distribution program donating fresh food to families in Huron. This distribution was made possible, in part, because of an expanded donation from Westlands Water District to the Central Valley Food Bank. In partnership with volunteers and community organizations, Westlands’ staff helped box, bag, and distribute food to over 130 families in time for their holiday celebrations.

Huron is a community in the heart of Westlands Water District and is served through the District’s distribution system. Agriculture provides jobs to many of Huron’s 7,000 residents and during the harvest season this largely Latino community typically doubles in size due to an influx of workers coming to help with harvest. However, for the past 2 years, many acres throughout the Central Valley have been fallowed due to lack of water. This has drastically reduced the number of agricultural jobs available to workers living in and traveling to Huron.

“Our communities are suffering the impacts of the drought, compounded by COVID-19, and global supply chain issues. The District’s contribution is part of its commitment of service to our local communities” said Westlands General Manager Tom Birmingham.

About Westlands Water District

Westlands Water District is recognized as a world leader in agricultural water conservation and has served the farmers and rural communities on the westside of Fresno and Kings counties for more than six decades. As stewards of one of California’s most precious natural resources, Westlands continually invests in conservation, and champions farmers deploying innovative irrigation methods based on the best available technology.

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