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CDFA 2020 Walnut Crop Report & Average Prices

Information contained in this report was supplied by walnut handlers to fulfill reporting requirements of Sections 55601.7 and 55601.8 of the Food and Agricultural Code. The report includes all tonnages of walnuts that were either produced by the handler or purchased from producers. The final weighted average price, including bonuses and allowances, has been reported for all contracts which were finalized.

All 2020 crop transactions completed through the close of business on August 31, 2021 are included in this report. A “good faith” estimate of final weighted average price was reported for those contracts which were not final on the same date. The data are shown by major varieties at the State level only.


Walnuts produced by handlers in 2020 totaled 12,572 tons. This figure does NOT include walnuts purchased from other handlers or producers.

The total 2020 walnut crop purchased from producers, for whom pricing had been finalized, reached 728,746 tons at an average price of 60.5 cents per pound. This price is rounded to the nearest tenth of a cent per pound and includes all bonuses and allowances.

Purchases from producers, for whom pricing was NOT finalized, totaled 45,543 tons. The average “good faith” estimate of the final weighted average price for this tonnage was 56.3 cents per pound.

The quantity of all walnuts purchased from producers was 774,289 tons for the 2020 crop. This figure does not include walnuts produced by the handler or purchased from other handlers. The tonnage produced by the handler plus tonnage purchased from producers for the 2020 walnut crop was 786,861 in-shell tons.


Producer: A person or operator who is responsible for the walnuts in the unprocessed state.

Handler: Firm that processes and markets walnuts.

Finalized Purchases: Tonnage purchased from producers, for which a pricing contract has been completed.

Non-Finalized Purchases: Contracted tonnage, for which a final price has not yet been determined.

Free Tonnage: Tonnage received by a handler, for which the only Federal marketing order regulation is a minimum quality or size standard. Reserve tonnage is the tonnage set aside as authorized by a Federal marketing order.

Weighted Average Price: Weighted average price reflects prices or “good faith” estimates of prices as reported by handlers and include any bonuses or allowances.

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