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New Incentives & Funding for Alternatives to Ag Burning

Almond Alliance of California — Today, the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District made several decisions which impact the California almond industry.

The District accepted and appropriated $178,200,000 in state funding and approved enhancements to alternatives to the open burning incentive program. These funds were divided into two categories of incentives.

  • First, increase funding and expand incentives to the District Alternatives to Agricultural Open Burning Program.
  • Second, to ensure adequate capacity to accommodate increase in chipping, the District is proposing to expand the program to include new options for purchasing of chipping and grinding equipment. The criteria will require that any funded equipment is used specifically for expanding Central Valley chipping capacity as open burning is phased out. 
New Incentive Program Enhancements:
  • Eliminate current $60,000 per year funding cap per entity.
  • Dedicate 30% of funding for smaller ag operations.
  • Additional incentives for small ag operations.  Provide an additional $100/acre for each incentive category to operations (<100 total acres).
  • Expand options for disposition of chipped material through beneficial re-use.
  • Revised per acre incentive amounts by crop type.
  • Increase incentive amount for cane and cordon-pruned vineyard material.
  • Maintain current incentive amount for orchard removal material.
To View the Full Narrative, Click Here.
New Incentive Option for Expansion of Chipping Capacity (New Equipment Purchase):
  • Anticipated launch date is September 1, 2021, pending receiving funding from the state.
  • Funding amount is initially allocated up to $30,000,000 for new equipment purchases.
  • Eligible participants are chipping and shredding contractors with demonstrated experience operating services for the chipping of ag material.
  • Eligible equipment are new tier 4 chippers and grinders for the purpose of processing woody ag waste.
  • Incentive amounts are up to 65% of the cost of eligible  equipment with a cap of $2,000,000 per participant.
  • First come, first serve, based on submittal of a complete application.
  • Participant requirements are required to sign a legally binding agreement with the District.  For more details feel free to contact the Almond Alliance. 
Funding to Replace Agricultural Tractors and Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks:
The District accepted $5,579,036 from US EPA for the following uses:
  • $2,789,518 to replace heavy-duty diesel trucks that have 2016 or older model year engines with low-NOx natural gas trucks;
  • $2,789,518 to replace agricultural tractors that have uncontrolled, Tier 1 or Tier engines with new agricultural tractors that have Tier 4 engines.
  • To learn more about these opportunities, please visit:
    • Mobile Agricultural Equipment Replacement, Click Here.
    • Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Replacement, Click Here
To View All of the District’s Incentive Program Guidelines, Click Here.

For more specific details, please contact the Almond Alliance.

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