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Thousands Engage with National Walnut Day Campaign in Partnership with See’s Candies

On National Walnut Day (5/17), the California Walnut Board (CWB) partnered with See’s Candies to collaborate on a multi-channel consumer-focused campaign to promote California Walnuts across the U.S.

The CWB’s domestic marketing activities are designed to expand California Walnuts use and consumption in existing markets and identify markets for future development. The Board continuously conducts direct outreach to food manufacturers to spur new development with walnuts and to understand how they are using walnuts. The CWB has been in active communications with See’s Candies for some time and this partnership is just one step in furthering that relationship.

This campaign included social media posts, a new recipe, and a blog post. In collaboration with See’s Candies, some of the key impactful results of the campaign included:

  • The CWB posted a blog featuring See’s Candies walnut products on walnuts.org, which garnered nearly 700 visits.
  • A total of 1.1 million See’s Candies email subscribers received an email with the headline “Happy National Walnut Day” exclusively highlighting their walnut candies.
  • The email was opened by 88,000 recipients, with 33,000 interactions (clicking) with content in the email. (i.e., link, photo) in the email.
  • The CWB and See’s Candies promoted the campaign on their social channels. Total social activations delivered 140,000 total impressions4,500 engagements and 174 clicks linking to the CWB blog.

“Cross promotions with well-known and respected brands like See’s Candies is just one way the California Walnut Board is connecting with new audiences and building demand for California Walnuts domestically,” said Jennifer Williams CWB & CWC Marketing Director, Domestic Advertising. “The results from our National Walnut Day activation provide proof that the campaign demonstrated the versatility and greatness of walnuts to thousands of consumers.”

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