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Almond Board of CA 2021 Election Results

The Almond Board of California (ABC) has released election results for the Board of Directors positions whose terms of office begin August 1, 2021. As a governing body for the industry, the ABC Board of Directors is comprised of five handler and five grower representatives who set policy and recommend budgets in several major areas, including production research, public relations and advertising, nutrition research, statistical reporting, quality control and food safety. 

The names of the following nominees have been submitted to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture for selection:

Independent Grower

Member Position One (one-year term):                     

Paul Ewing, Los Banos                       

Alternate Position One:                                         

Brandon Rebiero, Modesto

Member Position Three (three-year term):                

Joe Gardiner, Earlimart

Alternate Position Three:                                           

Chris Bettencourt, Westley     

Independent Handler

Member Position Two (three-year term):                   

Bob Silveira, Williams 

Alternate Position Two:                                              

Dexter Long, Ballico                           

Member Position Three (one-year term):                  

Darren Rigg, Le Grand 

Alternate Position Three:                                            

Chad DeRose, McFarland      

Cooperative Grower

Member Position Two (three-year term):                  

Christine Gemperle, Ceres     

Alternate Position Two:                                              

Kent Stenderup, Bakersfield  

In addition, Lisa Giannini, Hickman, has been named to fill the Cooperative Grower Alternate Position One role.

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