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Almond Board Election Underway

Almond Board of California — Voting began April 21st to select two independent grower member and alternate positions and two independent handler member and alternate positions. These positions will serve as directors for the Almond Board of California (ABC) with the terms beginning on August 1, 2021.

Candidates for the independent grower positions are:
Position One, Member (One-year term): 

Paul Ewing, Los Banos (incumbent)

Ross Franson, Fresno (petitioner)

Position One, Alternate:

Michael Anderson, Vina (petitioner)

Brandon Rebiero, Modesto (petitioner)

Position Three, Member (Three-year term): 

Dave DeFrank, Fresno (petitioner)

Joe Gardiner, Earlimart (petitioner)

Caleb Gervase, Escalon (petitioner)

Kash Gill, Yuba City, (petitioner)

Position One, Alternate:

Dinesh Bajaj, Orland (petitioner)

Chris Bettencourt, Westley (petitioner) Caleb Gervase, Escalon (petitioner)

Candidates for the independent handler positions are:
Position Two, Member (Three-year term): 

Todd Meyer, Chico (incumbent)

Bob Silveira, Williams (petitioner)

Position Two, Alternate:

Dexter Long, Ballico (incumbent)

Position Three, Member (One-year term): 

Darren Rigg, Le Grand (incumbent)

Position Three, Alternate:

Chad DeRose, McFarland (incumbent)

Ballots and instructions have been mailed to all independent growers whose names are on file with ABC. The Almond Board must receive ballots by May 27, 2021 for them to be counted. If an independent grower or a handler does not receive a ballot, one may be obtained by contacting Bunnie Ibrahim at (209) 343-3228.

As a governing body for the industry, the ABC Board of Directors is comprised of five handler and five grower representatives who set policy and recommend budgets in several major areas including: production research, public relations and advertising, nutrition research, statistical reporting, quality control and food safety.

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