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CA Almond Industry Roadshow Coming Soon

Next month, starting May 4, the Almond Board of California’s Field Outreach and Education team will be embarking on our previously postponed, long-awaited Industry Roadshow! The team is loading up Fritz, the almond van, with 3,000 informational packets featuring the latest ABC resources and traveling to 20 locations throughout the state with the purpose of:

  • Handing out new ABC resources, as well as resources that industry members would have picked up at the ABC booth during an in-person Almond Conference
  • Offering industry members an opportunity to meet ABC staff and leadership. We have missed spending time with industry members, and as things begin to normalize we look forward to connecting with the industry, answering their questions, hearing updates from the field, etc.Roadshow Details:The Almond Board of California’s Field Outreach and Education team, in addition to industry and ABC leadership, will kick off the first-ever Industry Roadshow on Tuesday, May 4. The Almond Board team will visit 20 locations (details attached). Industry members are invited to drive up to the location nearest them and look for Fritz,the almond van, as well as the Field Outreach team and ABC/industry leadership. Industry members will have the opportunity to meet the Field Outreach team members who are responsible for providing them with ABC resources, hands-on assistance in the orchard, California Almond Sustainability Program (CASP) support, and more. In addition, they will have the opportunity to pick up latest ABC resources, including:
    ·         2020 Research Update
    ·         NEW: Nitrogen Best Management Practices
    NEW: Application Quick Tips – in English and Spanish
    ·         NEW: Whole Orchard Recycling Grower Guide
    ·         NEW: Almond Production Resource Cards: Pests, Water and More!

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