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Celebrating Seed Week – Food Security and Hope

To bring awareness to the importance of seeds, the Crop Science Society of America is celebrating Seed Week March 22-28, 2021.Seed week logo

Anyone who plants a seed is investing in hope. That’s one of the attractions of seeds. For the gardener, it could be hope for a beautiful flower, or perhaps a delicious zucchini squash. For our farmers, seeds are the hope of this year’s yields of produce, cash crops or forage. No matter the size or shape of the seed, they all can bring forth new life.

Seeds also are crucial for the food security of the human population. Scientists keeps seeds in seed banks in case of disaster. They use seeds from different cultivars to breed new crops that are disease resistant. Other attributes for new varieties like drought tolerance and improved shelf life start with the genetic material contained in seeds. Sometimes genetic diversity needs to be stored in other ways, but the large majority of the genetic information of our crops is contained in seeds.

The content collected for Seed Week includes:

    • Seven new blog posts just for Seed Week, in addition to ones previously published on the Sustainable, Secure Food Blog. Topics include:
    • A collection of CSSA news stories about seed science.
    • A video about a crop scientist who studies seed germination.
    • Science research from journals published by CSSA.
    • A variety of K-12 activities to learn about seeds.
Seeds in being inspected at the USDA (Photo by Scott Bauer)

American Society of Agronomy, Soil Science Society of America, Crop Science Society of America: Collectively, these Societies represent more than 12,000 individual members around the world. Members are researchers and professionals in the areas of growing our world’s food supply while protecting our environment. Together we work toward solutions to advance scientific knowledge in the areas of agronomy, crop science, and soil science.

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