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Dairy Producer Diversifies and Innovates with Beef Subscription Company

Tony P. Lopes is a 4th generation dairyman and farmer, following in his family’s footsteps of producing food while caring for their land and cattle. In addition to raising sustainiBeef’s Angus Crossbred steers, the Lopes family farm also produces Real California Milk, Corn, Oats, and Alfalfa. Ever since the family’s patriarch Manuel immigrated from the Azores Islands in search of work, the Lopes family has been dedicated to dairying and farming as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

“My grandparents and parents have been tremendous examples for me to emulate. Everything I know about the value of hard work, and how to care for the cows and the land, came as a result of watching and learning from them.”

With experience in the dairy side of the family business, Tony decided to take his livestock knowledge and the skills he had learned over the years and diversify into beef operations. sustainiBeef is proud to provide locally-raised, harvested, processed, and shipped beef subscription boxes throughout the United States.

“I believe that we all have a role to play in making our world a sustainable one. It is incredibly important for people within the food industry to start acknowledging that our consumers are demanding more sustainable practices and a food industry that more closely aligns with their values,” says Lopes. “When launching sustainiBeef, my primary goal was to share this message to not only businesses within this industry, but to consumers as well.”

Over the last 4 generations a lot has changed for the Lopes Family Farm, but Tony’s commitment to environmental stewardship and animal welfare has never faltered. Today, he works daily alongside his parents Paul and Darlene, and siblings Alexandria, Selina, and Joseph, to produce wholesome, nutritious food for the world.

Built around the simple idea of making a difference in the world, sustainiBeef is proud to practice environmental stewardship, while effectively producing high-quality, direct-to-your-doorstep beef that delivers all the savory, healthy proteins and fats, with 50% lower carbon footprint emissions, according to supply-chain research conducted at UC Davis.

“By combining elite Angus genetics with our highly-efficient Holstein cowherd, we can create a high-performance crossbred steer with a tremendously lower net carbon footprint. Our cattle can achieve the same level of marbling and tenderness that consumers have come to expect from Angus beef, but are much more carbon-efficient when it comes to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) climate research. While traditional cow calf operations play a critical role in rangeland management and the carbon cycle, many of our consumers are demanding a lower net emission alternative. sustainiBeef achieves that.”

sustainiBeef’s core value is sustainability. Not only does sustainiBeef practice environmental stewardship, but they also ship their beef in 100% recycled boxes with biodegradable box insulators. sustainiBeef is dedicated to fighting the unprecedented food waste issue by providing consumers with frozen beef, which means never having to throw out fresh beef. sustainiBeef can be easily thawed and cooked whenever the consumer is ready for it. Until then, all sustainiBeef is safely preserved in the freezer. The family dairy and sustainiBeef herd share over 2,000 acres of open farmland with a vibrant ecosystem of local wildlife, and pay their employees a progressive living wage. Tony’s focus is on farming the right​ way – for his consumers, community, and the world.

“It is my hope to one day be able to pass down the same legacy of environmental stewardship to my future sons or daughters, the same way it was passed down to me,” Lopes says. “My goal is for sustainiBeef to usher in a new era of beef consumption for climate-conscious consumers.”

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