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From Farms to Incubators: Coming Soon

Award-winning journalist and filmmaker Amy Wu has written a forthcoming book “From Farms to Incubators: Women Innovators Revolutionizing How Our Food Is Grown,” that profiles dozens of women innovators and leaders in the growing sector of agtech. The book will be published on April 20, 2021 by Linden Books and is available for pre-sales through various outlets including Barnes & Noble and Amazon. This past February Amy named one of Food Tank’s 15 Leading Women at the Intersection of Food and Technology. In 2020 Amy was also named one of Worth magazine’s “50 Women Changing the World.” To learn more about From Farms to Incubators go to www.farmstoincubators.com

From Farms to Incubators takes an exciting look at how women entrepreneurs are revolutionizing agriculture through high technology. Drones, artificial intelligence, sophisticated soil sensors,
data analytics, blockchain, and robotics are transforming agriculture into the growing field of
agtech—the marriage of agriculture and technology.

From Farms to Incubators presents inspiring case studies of how women entrepreneurs from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds are leading the agtech revolution. Each agribusiness leader profiled in From Farms to Incubators tells her own story of how she used agtech innovation to solve specific business problems and succeed. These business cases demonstrate the influence of female innovation, the new technologies applied to agribusiness problems, and the career opportunities young women can find in agribusiness.

From Farms to Incubators also documents the sweeping changes happening in American food production. Growers in the United States and around the world face rising challenges, including climate change, limited water and land supply, labor shortages, and the problem of feeding a rising population estimated at 9 billion in 2050. The entrepreneurs profiled in From Farms to Incubators are the new leaders in tackling these problems through tech innovation. The women profiled speak frankly on the advantages and drawbacks of technological solutions to agriculture and offers lessons in making technology productive in real work.

A must-read book for business leaders, policy makers, and everyone interested in tech innovation, From Farms to Incubators offers exhilarating role models for young women and a fascinating glimpse at how women leaders are profitably disrupting the world’s oldest industry.

Audience: Business readers, technology readers, investors, policymakers, young women interested in technology careers and readers interested in ecology, agriculture and the future of food production.

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