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A New Microscopic Almond Pest of Concern

Another pest in almonds? Just what we needed, right? Only this one you can’t see.  Almond growers have been dealing with nematodes for a long time; however, the peach root knot nematode is new to California almond orchards.  Watch this brief interview with UC Riverside Nematologist Andreas Westphal as he explains and read more about it in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine.

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  1. Rex Dufour

    01/29/2021 at 2:52 PM

    Mustard cover crops have been effective against Pratylenchus sp in walnuts, and I wonder if mustards might help with these nemas, even though Pratylenchus is a “grazing” nematode, and the peach root knot nema is embedded in the root for most of its life.


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