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First Learning Modules For ‘Regen Ag 101’ Now Online

The non-profit Soil Health Academy today announced that the first three learning modules of its Regen Ag 101 virtual school are now on-line and available to help farmers, ranchers, gardeners and others successfully transition from chemical- and tillage-dependent conventional agricultural practices to soil health-improving regenerative agricultural practices.

The curriculum was developed by regenerative ag pioneers Ray Archuleta, Gabe Brown, Shane New and Allen Williams, Ph.D., based on their decades-long, on-farm experience in applying soil health-centric, regenerative agricultural principles and practices.

“We’re delighted to make the first three learning modules available now so our students can begin interacting with the course content,” New said. “The modules come complete with video instruction from SHA’s world-renowned cadre of instructors along with supplemental media for students to search, read, watch and interact with,” he said.

According to New, an additional six learning modules will round out the Regen Ag 101 course curriculum and will be available shortly after the first of the year.

“Regen Ag 101 contains video lectures, case studies and supporting research gleaned from the very best of Soil Health Academy live workshops across the U.S.,” New said. “Through this interactive platform we’re able to provide the foundational knowledge and understanding of regenerative principles and practices that will allow our fellow farmers and ranchers to practically and profitably make the transition from conventional agriculture to regenerative agriculture.”

To register or to learn more about Regen Ag 101 visit www.soilhealthacademy.org .

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