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Farmer Survey: How Are You Doing At This Stage Of The Pandemic?

Complete the survey by Monday November 2, 2020 and enter to win a $100 PayPal gift card! The Center for Agricultural Development & Entrepreneurship (CADE) has re-launched a survey to learn from farmers across the nation about their real needs and concerns at this stage of the Covid-19 pandemic and its related economic recession. The national survey was first circulated by the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in March and April. They surveyed 250 farmers across the country to learn how Covid-19 was affecting their livelihoods.  Their report found that nearly a third of small, independent farmers were facing bankruptcy by the end of 2020. Stone Barns Center’s complete survey results can be found in their report at www.resourcedny.com.

A lot has happened since April as farmers and other small businesses have worked tirelessly to stay in business in a constantly changing environment and with government support ending for many small businesses in July 2020.  UBS and PwC’s October report, “Riding the Storm: Market Turbulence Accelerates Diverging Fortunes,” demonstrates that billionaires saw their fortunes rise 27% from April to July during the pandemic. What did our nation’s farmers experience during that same time? What local and federal responses to the pandemic have worked for farmers and which ones have not? What will farmers need as they head into winter and over the next year?

CADE’s 50-question survey takes about 10 minutes to fill out and is intended to answer these questions and more. CADE is looking to farmers to fill out the survey and for readers to share it with farmers across the country. The deadline to complete the survey is Monday, November 2, 2020. The survey can be found on CADE’s website at: http://www.cadefarms.org/news/2020/10/26/national-survey-for-farmers-how-are-you-doing-at-this-stage-of-the-pandemic. All survey participants will be entered into a drawing to receive a $100 gift card to PayPal!

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